On leaders in the Charismatic church endorsing American presidential candidates

I don’t remember in past elections so many American church leaders coming out to endorse candidates (always “as private citizens,” I assume to avoid losing tax deductions). I think it’s fed by the ubiquity of social media. But, at least in the Charismatic church, what’s happening this year could create unfruitful distance between the older generation that produced these leaders and the younger generation that is less likely to see the kingdom of God and the nation of America as inseparable.

In these endorsements, young believers witness many of “God’s generals” publicly displaying a lack of discernment, love of earthly power, militarism, paranoia, and a set of priorities that doesn’t seem influenced at all by the things that Jesus taught and demonstrated. (Not to mention some claiming prophetic insight and divine approval).

I’ve been going back to the gospels to make sure I’m not reading them wrong. No, they still tell me about a mustard-seed kingdom, obsessed with love, most easily received by the lowly, advanced through sacrifice, and at war with a spiritual adversary whose only earthly children (that Jesus identified) were religious leaders bent on preserving their own power.

I know that God uses very flawed vessels, and count myself among the flawed who still wants to speak words from God. Aware that “with the measure you use, it will be measured to you,” I’m trying to focus on behavior and not individuals, and be open to receive wisdom from anyone. But it grieves me to see fathers and mothers in the faith, who have labored to help people experience the manifest presence of God, exhibit a mindset that is so far from the Father’s heart.

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