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Credit Gio J. Zi

Bots. OMG what is with all the noise. We are testing them. They suck. It’s like a worse Google search, trapped in someone else’s channels. Can we talk about this?

1.499 million reasons to change

Having forty apps annoys me. Having to pay for using even just one of them annoys me even more. If I were to pay for all the apps I really wanted and fed everyone’s startup revenue model at $9.99 a month i would bankrupt myself in a year. Of the 1.5 million apps, 1.499 million suck, I don’t want to carry and an app for every brand and store I use.

Bots will suck less than apps, because I won’t need to think about what app or brand I want, I will just call up the service I need by talking or chatting to my device and here comes the Uber or Pizza or 3D Printed Trail Shoes or Daycare switch recommendations.

Shallow Learning

Forget Deep Learning. We need Shallow Learning, like any infant the machine will start to ask you back questions until it nailed what you wanted. Your first taxi might come with a dirty back seat but the Bot will ask you “How was the ride?” And you’ll say “Not so good. Dirty Seat.” And guess what, your next ride will have a clean seat. No preferences to fill out, and no deep learning. Shallow Learning.

Voice or Chat?

I don’t think we need to debate or decide whether chat or Voice interaction over the Bot will be better or who will win. It will be both, at your convenience. Nobody sitting in a crowded noisy Metro is going to talk to their phone comfortably, when a buttons-led Chats will be easier to use. But if you are in the shower and a great idea comes to mind you might just call it in right away - that’s a voice interaction.

1 Bot, not “Bots”

Some lucky Bot (yes, that special one that I will choose to teach all about me) is going to observe my digital life and serve it up to me better. So I don’t think we need a big Bot store and I don’t think Bots are Bots, I think this is all already being over hyped by VCs already.

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