Decline of Blockchain hype and rise of a common sense
Pavel Kravchenko

I read every word with an imagined Ukrainian accent in my head (somehow a Klitschko one) and I had a blast reading this :-) Thanks for some your very insightful sharp content for free as always written on Medium found on LinkedIN. Completely agree with your assessment, and I am seeing alot of this firsthand in the industry. More workshops…instead of coding and testing and signing agreements. It will be a long time before I am that happy end-customer, blissfully unaware how and why it all works — just living in a nearly cost-free friction-free financial world. Just like we turn on a faucet today and out comes clean drinking water — we don’t remember that villages were built near rivers because you had to go fetch water and cook it, which meant fetching wood and cutting trees and dying from smoke inhalation and broken backs and stomach ailments. As soon as the new system works we will forget all about that it didn’t used to work so nicely. Best, Dave

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