Is this what Wealth Management has been waiting for?

Introducing’s first feature — MyWealthProfile

MyWealthProfile will be one of YNOME’s core features with which you’ll have the ability to select your preferences of future investments and wealth management providers depending on your interests.

We developed MyWealthProfile in collaboration with two world renowned research universities: The University of St. Gallen and Universität Leipzig.

Their help gave us three key takeaways when it comes to how you’re currently profiled by financial institutions:

1. Every decision you make as a customer is in some part influenced by some research on the web. Marketplaces and comparison sites heavily influence whether you buy a product or not. People trust the wisdom of crowds, more than experts.

2. You hate being influenced by push marketing. You want to explore your options on your own terms.

3. As a consumer of wealth management services, your interests differ significantly from banks client profiles and their offerings

With these pain points in mind, we’re coming to you with something different — and it rocks!

Unprecedented in private banking, MyWealthProfile is designed to give you the power of choice and flexibility when selecting financial service providers.

Unprecedented in #privatebanking, MyWealthProfile will give you the power of choice.CLICK TO TWEET

An example of question profiling which will determine your preferences.

By spending a couple of minutes answering a few questions about yourself, you’ll be matched to a set of preferences. The preferences contain interests and dimensions by which a user typically searches the market and are not reflected in any classical client (risk) profile of a bank, as research shows.

We’ll then aggregate your answers into 13 dimensions. Here are two examples of dimensions below.

Individuality — To what extent you want a service based on your specific needs and requirements, and how personalised or flexible you’d like that to be.

Pricing — Monetary sacrifice you’re willing to make to use a particular service and whether that’s free, low cost or reasonable.

From there, with the help of a sophisticated algorithm, you’ll be matched with a range of providers and investments that suit you.

And if you don’t want MyWealthProfile to influence your searches, you can easily switch it on or off.

Profiling is just one way YNOME is going to bring you a fantastic experience in selecting the right wealth manager for you.

Stay up close and tuned-in by signing up NOW at for part two when we introduce exactly how you’ll navigate and rate providers.

Note: This morning’s blog was produced to the sound of Nada Surf.

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