Why Medium?
Daniel Tunkelang

Thanks Daniel and I share your views, LinkedIn esp. Influencers is annoying, all the people with titles who conform to / run the current system where their firms are paying to get them featured are the opposite of what I want to read. Would MLK have been featured there? John Lennon? M.Gandhi? John Muir? H.D.Thoreau? Probably not. And yet they were the real Influencers. So how about an Anti-influencers option. And many more Mute button options on themes, topics. For example I never want to read anything on big data again and I want to sent digital torpedoes after anyone who does, a sort of digital blogger anti-junk missile command where I can break bad stuff. Actually we need to make a Real Writers with Real Content consolidator (a bot not an app) across the sharpest channels like Quora/Medium that sweeps the best crowd rated writers best stuff, whether that be blogs or comments/conversations, and make it interactive, like a mind map. A curation to me segment. Altucher, Frost types, these are folks who I want to read daily, but only the best of. Does someone want to work on that with me?

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