My Solar Eclipse Experience

Photo credit: To my awesome dad :)

On the day before the total Solar eclipse, we travelled to camp grounds in Madras, OR. We travelled 300 miles, zipped to within one mile of the camp site, but the last mile took 3 hours in traffic! When we finally got inside the camp, we were welcomed by my friends. We chit-chatted for a while and then jetted off to play Cricket. As night fell, we ate dinner, followed by a S’mores treat. All my friends then gathered around in my tent and we played under a star-lit night sky. Finally, we went to bed, full of anticipation of the upcoming day.

We woke up really early in the morning, ahead of the meandering queues waiting to get into honey buckets. My friends and family all gathered around in a large group armed with solar glasses. Anticipation was killing us.. there was a general buzz in the air.. It was my first eclipse viewing and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

When the eclipse started, I gazed at the sun through Solar glasses and I saw Pac-man.. the Sun assumed the shape of Pac-man while the Moon was casting its shadow!!! After 10 minutes, we went inside, played geography quiz. Every few minutes, folks outside would shout: “look at the Sun now, the moon sure is quite hungry” :)

Then came 2 minutes before the totality. Excitement was similar to that of a half time show at the Super bowl!! It started turning chilly, lights dimmed as if we were getting ready for a celestial show. And then, it happened.. with a smooth move, the Moon completely covered the Sun! There was total silence in my head — I was speechless at the amazingness of the spectacle. I felt like yelling and screaming for no reason at all — it was weird that way. The Corona looked like a ring around the Moon. I was rooted to the spot — feeling like I would miss the moment if I moved.

And just as suddenly, the Sun made a dramatic appearance…peeking from behind the Moon. We all erupted in cheers ( not sure why.. we see the Sun all the time :)).

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