What an experimental approach to dataviz and UX means for communicating socially relevant issues.

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out of balance a superdot interactive and responsive data visualization app
out of balance a superdot interactive and responsive data visualization app

In 2013 — when Superdot was still called YAAY — our studio won a prize in a competition by ARCH+ and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation to visualize global injustice. We used a data set that the bank UBS has been collecting since the 1970s on the incomes of professional groups and consumer prices in various metropolises around the world. The resulting poster series makes the different incomes visible by means of a specially developed chart type and combines this…

Author: Dr. Reto Wilhelm — Panta Rhei PR
Original place of publication: https://www.superdot.studio/

The Basel agency «Yaay — Visualizing Complexity», specialized in information design, becomes «Superdot — Visualizing Complexity». The rebranding is also supported by a new website. Superdot presents the three new key areas of the agency: information architecture, information visualization and information aesthetics.

Superdot team (Lilia is in maternity leave)

It all began with information design when nobody was talking about this discipline. Now, these simplified and condensed forms of conveying complex information by using graphics, visual grammar and animation as well as little text are on everyone’s lips and characterize everyday media life as well as corporate publishing. The Basel agency Yaay has already anticipated this trend early on in 2011. Now the six makers are going one step further.

«Yaay has moved in the national niche of information design over the last eight years. We…

The third year in a row the YAAY team (Nicole Lachenmeier and Darjan Hil) has been teaching data visualization in the program digital ideation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


The program digital ideation combines information technology and design. In the module “information aestethics” YAAY is teaching the students in a three week (9 working days) intensive workshop how to develop a data visualization for web.

data source

The data we chose this year was provided directly from two audience groups. …

Always digging through interesting datasets, our information design studio came across a dauntingly detailed table based on a slightly obscure economic indicator called the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices. We found ourselves hooked by the complexity and decided to make it digestible, coming up with an experimental new diagram type in the process.

Understanding the context

The data is a nuanced overview of the highly diverse prices and earnings across Europe. …

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, an English idiom says. It refers to the notion that indeed even a complex idea often can be conveyed with just a single image more easily and effectively than by any words.

However, let’s face it, in today’s increasingly visual digital world, all of us are being flooded by optical information of all kind, and everywhere. Hence it is vital to get noticed with exactly your message.

This is where we at YAAY come in. Very early, we understood the importance of visualised information and specialised in it. …


Superdot is in the business of making complex issues understandable, visual and enjoyable with innovative digital and analog solutions.

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