Was the New Mission Impossible Really That Great, Or Was it a Fallout?

The high-action thriller received lots of acclaim, but why did it deserve it?

This post contains spoilers. If for whatever reason you haven’t watched this yet, I’d advise you to exit right now. You will definitely be spoiled.

Still here? Alright then, read at your own risk.

What is one of the most memorable things of the summer of 2018? One that was filled with cringe and uninteresting events? I thought I would be left disappointed once again, having to deal with a time where summer didn’t feel as fun anymore. But alas! It was Mission Impossible that saved the world from eternal boredom. Fallout came and gave us the thrill that we had been missing for so long now. Hollywood has been so boring with their repetitive story lines and generic casts that the Tom Cruise production seemed like an epic triumph. However, that movie wasn’t so original either, so why did it receive so much appreciation?

Tom Cruise Does His Own Stunts

That’s it. That’s the tweet. If that doesn’t get you to watch it then I don’t know what will.

Okay fine there’s more

It’s A Franchise

Let’s be real, franchises are doing much better in the box office as opposed to just films. The MCU literally broke records with Avengers: Infinity War, which was a result of ten years worth of solid films. The new Star Wars films, despite what many say about them, are being watched because it is a continuation of a single major story line, along with several other plots. The DCEU (or World of DC from what I heard recently) has garnered many fans over the years, especially since more comic characters are getting their own films. Unlike having a film with a run time of just 2 hours, a franchise will keep you hooked until it eventually runs out of stories to tell. They also contain films that have interlocking concepts and crossovers. So you can see how franchises are ruling the box office in this age. The Mission Impossible franchise is beloved to all, especially action lovers, which is why it is no surprise that Fallout became so successful.

The Fact that It’s a Sequel

The Mission Impossible franchise is famous for giving us amazing films without having to worry about missing something important from the prior films. However, Fallout has the same writer and director as Rogue Nation, Christopher McQuarrie, so that allowed for a better development of the previous story. Of course you don’t have to watch Rogue Nation to understand the events of Fallout, but it is interesting to see how the characters have evolved from the last film, and how The Syndicate (now The Apostles) thrived all this time.

The Action Sequences were Out Of the Park

When you really see this film as a whole, there is nothing too original about it. Being a Bollywood chick since I was born, I have seen all the possible ways an action movie could go. So while this film was somewhat predictable, the action is what makes you stay. The way that they are choreographed is so amazing and true to its core that you feel a chill go down your spine when you think something is about to go wrong. It helps intensify the story line in a way and makes it so much more interesting, that it puts every new age action film to shame (Btw don’t waste your money on Mile 22 or The Equalizer 2, it’s really not worth it). Now that is true cinema.

One that I loved in particular was the end fight scene with Hunt and Walker. The intensity in that scene in particular was so demanding that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for even a second. Even though they were the ones on the edge of the cliff, it felt like I was the one on the edge. That’s how amazing that scene was.

That Musical Score Tho

Along with the clever and intense action sequences, the musical score is one to die for. It plays perfectly during each scene, adding just the right amount of epicness and tension when necessary. Not gonna lie, when I hear that soundtrack I immediately think I’m Ethan Hunt. Don’t judge.

The One and Only Henry Cavill

So Mr. Man of Steel decided to drop in as CIA assassin August Walker and my oh my was he AWESOME! The way Cavill carried himself as a headstrong, sarcastic agent was just beautiful. His relationship with with Cruise’s character was just so funny, especially during that bathroom fight scene! And although the trailer kind of spoiled the twist of him being a villain, it was interesting to see how his two-timer role played out. I have to say, this has got to be his redemption from his previous works, and I believe this man truly has the potential to carry out more interesting roles.

Also let’s be honest, Cavill is probably the reason why more people watched the movie, I mean have you seen the guy? Why wouldn’t you watch it?

I think it’s the mustache, yea it’s probably the mustache that make him look 100 time more attractive

Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby were Great Additions

Angela Bassett as the new CIA Director was actually a really good move. Her character Erica Sloane took the reigns as what Hunley should have done instead of joining the IMF. You’d think by now the IMF had it easy, but no. The CIA still didn’t think that it was their responsibility to take matters into their hands. But from when Walker turned out to be a two timer until the end of the film, we can see that Sloane was no longer in conflict with the IMF.

Vanessa Kirby as the White Widow was really interesting. Her role as the illegal arms dealer was intriguing, and like how her character played out in the movie.The way she just charmingly stole our hearts and eventually stole the show with her well choreographed moments was just beautiful. Even that bar fight was so cool! And the little twist with her actually working for the CIA was a really smart move. If there is going to be more films in this franchise, I would really like to see her character come back.

(Also did anyone notice the Easter egg that the White Widow is probably the daughter of Max from the first Mission Impossible? That was just awesome!)

That Plot Twist Was Genius

As the movie hits its climax, Hunley met the IMF in a London safe house to confront Hunt for being the John Lark who needed the plutonium, who obviously refuted it. Now let me tell you, for those five minutes I kept trying to figure out if Hunley was trying to screw them over or if someone framed Ethan Hunt so that they wouldn’t complete their mission. But as Walker confronted Lane about finally destroying the IMF while they had the chance, my mind was like, “oh no… this is it.” Because I didn’t remember what happened in the trailer I was surprised when Walker turned out to be the antagonist, but I was even more surprised when this whole scene turned out to be staged. My mind was BLOWN! The way the whole thing was executed was so perfect that I was shocked to know that it was planned. Walker just revealed the motives to the IMF without even knowing. Everyone acted perfectly, Benji pretended to be a very convincing Lane, and Sloane was already on the line while this was happening. This was easily one of the best moments in the movie (excluding Hunley’s death, I’m still bitter about that).

The Ending Was Actually Wholesome

I don’t know why but the end of the movie just made me so happy. After Ethan is rescued from the cliff, Julia Meade, his ex-wife, was one of the first people to meet him. Ethan tells her how sorry he is for always putting her in danger, but Julia states that whatever happened between them was for the better. She is happy with the new life she found, and she wouldn’t have got if it weren’t for Ethan. Both are finally content knowing that the other is safe and happy. And despite the fact that they are no longer married, they still love and deeply care for each other. Ethan and Julia are finally happy, and that just made me really happy.

The friendships were just so cute! While diffusing the bombs, you can see how close Benji Dunn and Ilsa Faust are becoming, and you can see that Julia has her full trust in Luther Stickell, who has his full trust in Ethan, who had to get the detonator from Walker. With that amount of trust at such a high-risk operation, it’s no wonder that they’re really close friends. When the IMF reunited after Ethan was rescued, they were all just happy to see each other alive and (almost) well. And with Ilsa being exonerated from the MI6 upon Lane’s capture, she finally becomes an official member of the IMF. The friendship dynamic throughout the whole movie was just so wholesome, and after six films it seemed more genuine than ever.

Also Sloane issuing a rescue copter to get Hunt back to the medical base just shows how the CIA understands that the IMF is capable of completing their missions and that their failures are minimal compared to their successes. It would be interesting to see how her relationship with the IMF will be, if there are more films in this franchise.

So you can see why Mission Impossible: Fallout was appreciated by many. It definitely was not the best film ever made, but it was the quality content and film making that the general audience has missed for a while. Moviegoers had something great to look forward to, and fans were back for more. As of now, I’d say this got a solid 9 out of 10. So if you still haven’t watched it yet, please watch it while it’s still in theaters. Trust me, it really is worth the money.

What did you think about Mission Impossible: Fallout? Leave a response below and let me know what you thought about this post. And if there is anything in particular that you would like me to write about, you can message me on Instagram (@superfan_hannah). Until next time ✌️

Just someone who enjoys talking about movies, shows, and music!

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Hannah A

Hannah A

Just someone who enjoys talking about movies, shows, and music!

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