Can the best college basketball team beat the worst NBA team?

The answer might surprise you.

So you don’t think it’s possible that the best college hoopsters can hang with the worst professional team?

What if I told you once upon a time, the greatest American professional basketball players ever assembled onto one team (Jordan, Bird, Magic, Ewing, Stockton, etc.) would lose to the best college players of the time?

It happened. In 1992, the Dream Team lost only one game and it was to college players.

That time when the greatest basketball team ever assembled lost to the college kids.

And the best part of this example: the best college player was poached to play on the Pros side: Christian Laettner was a member of the 1992 Dream Team as the only college player selected. So basically the NBA team robbed the college team of their best player… and the college team still won.

Yes, those are future NBA all-stars on the college team. But those are future Hall of Famers on the Pro team.

No advance statistics would ever suggest the college players could beat the Dream Team. But playing with international rules, with a team consisting of an extremely high basketball IQ, great coaching and many pure shooters — it goes to prove there’s no such thing as a sure thing in basketball. In fact, this is the lesson Chuck Daly, coach of the Dream Team, hoped to inspire in the scrimmage.

So the next time you hear someone denouncing there’s no way the best college team could compete with the worst NBA team remind them of this little story from 1992.

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