What I Knew and When I Knew It

I’m a news junkie, particularly political news. So I started following the 2016 Presidential campaign back in 2015, when candidates were still prepping for the primaries. Reading all those stories, I kept noticing something about Donald Trump, who was, if you remember, still regarded as something of a joke back then.

I kept seeing all these allusions to Russia in and around Trump’s campaign. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I began to joke that he was in debt to the Russian mafia. After all, it was pretty clear that his finances weren’t as rosy as he pretended, and the money for his many projects had to come from somewhere. Where else would a sketchy developer prone to bankruptcy go to get a loan but the mob?

It turns out that it wasn’t exactly organized crime investing in his business, but there was definitely something shady going on, and Russian bigwigs were involved. So I am posting here a list of all the tweets I made about the subject, I guess to prove how clever and prescient I am, and also to show that if the government of the United States had had the will to do some deeper investigation, the scandals we’re facing now might have been foreseen and prevented.

All of these were posted before November 2016.

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