INTRO: Superfly Community Groups

When we launched Superfly a few months ago, every group was completely private and meant only for small, friend-to-friend groups. We got a really good response to the privacy aspect, and you all seemed to really enjoy the ability to chat with your friends in a safe environment. At the same time, the main feature request we received (over and over again) was discovery. Basically, you guys wanted something to do when your closest friends and family weren’t around. You wanted private groups, but you also wanted to find new people and to share new things. Catch 22, right?

Not really. In July, we began experimenting with the occasional addition of a “Community Group” to the home screen. Community Groups are centered around a specific theme or common interest or an influencer/s you want to engage with. They are opt-in and to join you either have to have the link, get an invite or see the group when/if it’s featured on the Superfly home screen. The groups each have an admin with moderation capabilities and include both Creators (who can stream to the group) and Fans (who can watch and interact in the group, but stream to a sidechat to keep the group feed from getting too cluttered). Admins can also promote Fans, or fan videos to Creator status…so everyone gets a chance to shine.

We think we’ve come up with a pretty unique solution that will allow you to find things you like and zero in on groups you want to join without having to wade through a public broadcast feed or deal with a lot of creepiness and noise. We’ve been quietly placing Community groups on the home screen full-time since August and you all seem to really like them! People are watching and interacting with about 10 times as many videos daily and hopefully building some new, rewarding connections. Look at us: serving humanity’s dual nature ;)

Starting today, you’ll see 8 Community Groups on the home screen. You can check them out and decide if you would like to join any of them. Once you join a Community Group, it will appear on your Groups screen as long as you are a member. We’ll rotate them in/out of the featured spots regularly, so hopefully everyone finds somewhere he/she belongs and feels happy. Details on the first batch of groups below…

This is a group where you can put on your favorite song and sing along live. Check out the fun DIY music vids our friends have been making and make your own!

Have a funny story or fact about yourself? Something to confess? Share it here. This is the trust tree. We might laugh, but we’re laughing with you.

This is a group for tips, tricks and life hacks that do not work. At all. The funnier the better!

We regularly give you new themes and you share your “Top 3”! Like: Top 3 ice cream flavors, Top 3 skincare products, Top 3 Britney Spears incarnations, etc.

What are you wearing? Fashion, beauty, hair reveals and tutorials. Share your look!$6vPgO/i

Make us laugh! Or cringe. You can make us cringe too.

Unboxing, testing and sampling all the vegan things. Brooke is in LA and OC trying vegan food, beauty, fashion and lifestyle products and experiences.

Mallory answers your Disney questions and gives you fun Disney facts and tips every day from the Disney theme parks.

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