Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

You are probably too young to remember when Obama was elected the first time. The number of hate groups in the US doubled in the first year of his presidency. I personally remember witnessing several despicable hate messages after he was elected. What you need to know is that racism, more specifically racists, use hate and divisiveness to fuel their agenda. A divided nation allows them to do more, say more, and go unchecked. Trump didn’t inspire these cowards to do or say those horrible things any more than LBJ inspired James Earl Ray to shoot Dr. Martin Luther King.

These terrible people have one agenda, which is to create fear and further the divisiveness already plaguing this country. By making connections between Trump and the KKK, you’re doing exactly what they want — making you angry and furthering the divide, especially among Americans that as you pointed out don’t even have these feelings.

Look. We agree. A Trump presidency is scary as shit. But the biggots are using this election to make you angry and cause you to start pointing fingers. And who knew this quote would be so apropos, but in the words of the great wise Yoda, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Don’t hate the President-elect or the Trump supported for the actions of these miserable cowards. Pity the cowards and heal the divide.

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