Introducing Super Game Chain (SGCC)

We are happy to announce the development of Super Game Chain (SGCC)! Below is a simple explanation of what we’re building. Please view our official whitepapers for a more technical explanation.

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  • Our whitepaper can be found here
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What is Super Game Chain (SGCC)?

Super Game Chain (SGCC) is the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem.

What exactly does that mean?

The platform is an organic open-source game ecosystem and chain built on decentralized smart contracts, enabling gamers to invest in and collaborate with game developers, buy and sell in-game tokens and play and rate brand new games. Super Game Chain also enables developers to raise funds to create, launch and market their games.

A few benefits include:

  • Gamers can contribute in any way and they will be financially rewarded with SGCC tokens
  • A fun, fair, powerful and profitable gaming world for gamers
  • A reliable, easier, and safer way for developers to raise funds and market their games to a more targeted audience, while solving the issues with fraudulent game payments and ad clicks
  • Currency system across all games that are on the ecosystem
  • A decentralized, protected real identity profile for each gamer

A few features of the open platform are:

  • Game Login and Authentication
  • Decentralized user data encryption and storage
  • Layered access for user data
  • User avatar, name, level, tags, friend list, game interests, achievements
  • SGCC wallet, payment and trade system
  • Content streams and interactions
  • Social interactions
  • Gifting
  • Notification
  • Chat
  • Groups

What is the bottom line?

The bottom line is that we are currently developing this ecosystem and have a lot to be proud of so far. Our development and operations team consists of top game platform experts, blockchain experts, AI experts, and security experts.

The team’s experience comes from a rich and diverse background of top technology and entertainment companies from around the world which include Tencent, EA, Facebook, Activision, GameLoft, Ubisoft, Sega, Disney Interactive, Netflix, and many more. We have successfully operated a variety of billions-user-level games and have rich experience in platform operations to ensure the safety, security, and stable operation of the platform.

We will be publishing development updates every Friday, starting May 2018.

Join us on our journey to disrupt the gaming world!

More information can be found on our official whitepapers.