We may be some way from any imminent AI threat of the kind that keeps Elon Musk awake at night, but we are now moving from a model of “machine-assisted humans” to “human-assisted machines.” Two forces are at play here. First, you previously would use an Excel-spreadsheet to investigate a single query. Now, humans are needed to tune the parameters of machine learning, but feeding the machine data can now offer a plethora of (hopefully) useful outputs.
A View from the Future — CB Insights Innovation Summit Day 1
Jonathan Crowder

Hopefully… useful outputs. Though we need AI to successfully deliver work-related functions, are there any talk in having a global committee/union who can monitor the AI ethics? I know we’re kind of far from the movie-type AI we’ve been dreaming for a long time, but I believe this has to be considered as the innovation for AI progresses.

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