Nine things about Droidcon NYC 2017

I had the pleasure of representing the New Mexico Android Developers at Droidcon New York 2017. It was great to reignite my Android studies and create fruitful relationships between tech ecosystems. Here are nine things about #DCNYC17 from my out-of-state and first timer’s perspective.

Thing 1 — Kotlin is here to stay
There were several sessions on Kotlin and many of the presenters had their code examples in Kotlin. And for those that didn’t, they generally apologized for not having examples in Kotlin. The main excuse was that they have to train up their whole team up on it before moving to it.

Thing 2 — We need more women Android developers
By the length of the urinal line, it was clear that men greatly out numbered women at this conference. There is a real opportunity for NY and NM to incubate more woman developers. None the less, there were several amazing women developers that presented at the conference. I really liked when @moyheen showed off how she tested the Vision API on the stickers of the different colored women on her laptop. It was a good reminder that culture and diversity can greatly impact the technology that we create.


Thing 3 — Droidcon is international
It was neat to meet all the people from other countries. I really enjoyed meeting and hearing talks from developers from African countries, such as Moyinoluwa Adeyemi from Lagos, Nigeria. This got me thinking about how can we create an Android Exchange Program where developers can attend Droidcons around the world. It would be so cool to have some Indian Developers come over to teach us about teaching us about Tez technology.

Thing 4 — Does Google want us to focus on hardware?
There seemed to be a hardware focus at Droidcon. The lead sponsorship was from Android Things and the codes labs were about programing for the platform. BTW Android devs all seem to love their Pixel Phones. Can’t wait for Oct 4th!

Thing 5 — Where was Google Assistant or more importantly AR??
With all the hardware focus, I thought I would have seen some talks about making Actions for Google Assistant or working with Voice inputs. Nothing about ARCore L…

Thing 6 — No one knew what Flutter was, nor cared.

Thing 7 — Everyone is working with Android
It was so cool to meet developers from so many different industries and companies from Toys-R-Us to Johnson & Johnson to Weight Watchers. I found myself remembers that Android is most used OS now and everyone has different uses for it.


Thing 8 — Devs Helping Devs
I was really surprised how everyone I talked to was very supportive of me being there (even as a newbie). When they heard I was trying to help grow the Android development scene in New Mexico/South West several people offered connections and resources. Already have had several says that they would like to make a trip out to see the Land of Enchantment.

Thing 9 — It is good a good conference to get out of your comfort zone
Some of the talks were over my head but being around all these senior level developers really gave me an idea of where to focus in my studies. Making the investment to attend the conference was just wanted I needed. Udacity courses are great but I need to meet and connected with other developers in person. BTW I met @CeruleanOtter, one of my first teachers from Udacity, she is so cool!

I’m curious to hear others’ take aways from the conference. Feel free to DM me @SuperHeronDan or leave a comments.