Steps to make Your personal Superhero Costume

Jul 25, 2016 · 4 min read

Superheroes are becoming a mainstay in popular culture. New superhero movies are let go nearly every weekend, and there are more toys, comic books and TV shows featuring superheroes than just about whatever else. It is possible to join in the fad by purchasing the superhero costumes online or at the local brick and mortar store. Though if you genuinely wish to get crafty and make your own superhero costume, there a few simple steps that you can follow to really make the process easier.

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Designing a Superhero Symbol

Batman contains the black and yellow Batsignal, Superman has his “S” shield, and even Spider-man has the small black spider around the middle of his chest. These symbols are associated with the heroes as almost as much as the heroes are themselves, and so they usually, but not always, dominate a superhero’s costume. So as to make putting your costume together easier, consider building your outfit around a symbol.

When pondering your individual symbol, try to tie it in the type of superhero you wish to be. If you’re intent on labeling yourself Couch Potato Man, then think about making your symbol a potato or a couch. You won’t need to use recognizable objects, it’s also possible to develop your own symbol.

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There are many other ways you possibly can make your symbol. One of the simplest ways would be to cut the symbol out of cloth and then glue or sew it to your outfit. Fabric provides solid construction that wont are removed from the wash. You can even contain the symbol screen printed onto fabric, you can also iron it lets start on a do-it-yourself iron on kit. Both these methods will continue to work, even if you experience varying levels of quality.

Picking out Superhero Colors

Before selecting the clothes to use for the body of your costume, choose what colors you desire. You’ll be able to match colors to your superhero persona, as an illustration Beeman would probably be black and yellow, or you can select something totally crazy. In case you are choosing a persona that has popular colors related to it, it could be best if you adhere to those colors. Otherwise, have a great time and decide on whatever colors you would like.

The Suit Makes all the Superhero

When the time comes to put your suit together, there is a number of options you could choose from. Zentai suits are a good place to start, since they cover your physique in spandex and could be modified to demonstrate many methods from zero to a lot of skin. One challenge with these suits is they are usually made from Lycra and is challenging to sew onto.

Unless you feel as if getting a full suit, you may also piece together a spandex top and a spandex bottom.

Should you not want to wear spandex whatsoever, you should use tight fitting cotton clothes you can also say goodbye to the superhero cliche that every outfits need to be skin tight. If you’re shying from skin tight clothes, a sweatshirt and sweatpants could make a unique superhero outfit. Some superhero, i.e. Lumberjack man, might not wear a traditional outfit. If the superhero would be best represented by something other than a great colored bit of clothing, then go for it.

Some superheroes, much like the Hulk, have made a title on their own with almost no clothing. Even if this option might sound appealing, and may even save you money, please be considerate of other people and also the temperature. Nothing ruins an incredible Costume like frostbite.


Almost as essential as a great symbol are your superhero accessories. The list of accessories is practically endless, but I will endeavour and give you an excellent kick off point.

Masks: Think Batman or the Flash
A Cape: Most of us have one, but can it be worth the hassle?
A computer program Belt: Batman is the utility belt king
Boots: Challenging to run in, nonetheless they look snazzy
Gloves: Some superheroes tend to be worried about the fitness of their hands than the others
A Weapon: Wonder Woman contains the Lasso of Truth, you might have…
A Sidekick: Do you have any friends that need costumes?
Armor: Not all superheroes are invincible, think Steel or Iron Man
A spead boat: Who wants to make an appearance into a party automobile?
Have Fun

When coming up with your individual superhero costume, the thing is always to have fun. If you don’t enjoy making or wearing your costume, then you might want to consider saving a little time in the long run and purchasing an inexpensive costume that you won’t mind wearing just once. To get suggestions for a your costume, try Googling “homemade superhero costume.” You will be surprised what it’s possible to do with somewhat fabric and some hard work.

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