35 Paid Things You May Always Get for Free

When was the last time someone told you that you can get something for free? Never, that’s right! we are going to present to you 35 things that you can get for absolutely free, no strings attached.

Read on to discover and unlock the secret to start saving thousands of dollars every day, without having to spent on all those items you strongly desire but simply can’t afford to indulge in!

1. MP3 Downloads:

Do you remember the last time you bought a CD to listen to your favourite songs? No, that’s exactly what we thought.

Find Free MP3 Downloads

When libraries of thousands and thousands of songs are just a click away, who needs to spend money on buying CDs? The internet is a home to countless legal and certified websites that provides you high-quality Mp3 downloads that can be played on your computers, phones and even burned to a CD:

2. Clothes:

Did you know that you could save thousands of dollars by simply trading your old clothes for new ones?

For over a long period of time, there have emerged countless reliable websites over the internet that allow you to trade your old and unwanted clothes for new outfits that you have been meaning to add to your wardrobe.

Sell Your Old Clothes

Truly it was never this easy and simple to upgrade your wardrobe without spending a huge amount of money. Listed below are some reliable and amazing websites where you can trade your clothes in a matter of few clicks:

  • Freecycle
  • Freegle
  • Craiglist
  • Swapstyle

3. Baby Stuff:

Considering how fast children grow, it is a waste of precious money spending hundreds of dollars getting them new clothes for every season.

Sale Useless Baby Stuff

There are hundreds of websites over the internet where mothers interact with each other in order to exchange unwanted clothes with new ones, some of these websites include:

  • Swap.com
  • Babyswaporshop.com
  • Swapbabygoods.com
  • Swapmama.com
  • Swaptree.com

4. Games:

Are your children constantly demanding new video games, despite having countless of them at home which no longer interest them?

Free Video Games

Below is a list of some amazing websites where you can swap and trade old videos games for new ones:

  • SwitchPlanet
  • Neighborrow
  • GameXchange
  • Goozex

Also, the great amount of the free slots with no download and no registration are on http://www.slotozilla.com/ website. The Wizard of Oz slots and Star Trek are the most popular. All slots machines are free.

5. Books:

There are various websites that allow you to trade you’re all old books that are just sitting idly on your shelves for new ones that you have been meaning to read. Such websites include:

Find Free Old Books on Special Sites
  • Textbook Revolt
  • BookMooch
  • Title Trader
  • PaperBack Swap

6. New Language:

Learning a new language has become so easy and convenient with the help of various online courses and mobile phone applications that are not only absolutely free but also, incredibly simple and easy.

International Programs on Learning Language

Some of these include:

  • BBC Languages
  • Effective Language Learning
  • 1-Language.com
  • FreeLanguage.org

7. Cosmetic Probes:

There are several reputable consultants and markets that offer their clients free cosmetic probes, as part of their promotional campaigns to gain the loyalty of their customers or to simply train their employees through conducting free cosmetic probes on certain clients.

Free Cosmetic Probes

8. Paper, Calendars and Stationery:

These are the standard items that you are highly likely to be given for free every time you attend an exhibition, a delegation, a conference, or simply stay at a hotel.

Find Free Office Stationery

Instead of wasting money on these products, it is best to avail them for free at any promotional campaign.

9. Fonts:

The internet is practically brimming with websites where you can download some amazing fonts for free.

Free Fonts For Your Purposes

Listed below are some of the best websites that offer free fonts:

  • The Northern Block
  • Font can
  • The Open Font Library
  • Free Font Manifesto

10. Smartphone Apps:

You can get your desired smartphone apps absolutely free in just a matter of a few clicks, all you need is a secure WiFi connection and a smartphone.

Free SmartPhone Applications

11. Education. Free online courses:

If money is a serious concern for you, you do not necessarily have to put your education and learning on a hold, waiting for your financial prospects to improve.

Internationsl Free Online Cources

Avail the opportunity provided by thousands of free online course that have you study and learn in the comfort of your own house.

12. Exhibitions and Concerts:

You can attend free exhibitions that are arranged by public and national museums and art galleries.

Free Charity Concerts

Similarly, if you are in the mood of a concert but you can’t really buy yourself a ticket, do not despair, all upcoming and aspiring artists and bands are always organising free concerts and gigs to build themselves a fan following and earn appreciation for their talents.

13. Movies and TV:

There are thousands of websites online that let you watch all your favourite movies, TV shows, News channels and sports channels for hours and hours, without charging you a single cent!

Free Television for Families

14. Free Dinners and Suppers:

Too tired to cook a meal tonight? Well, there are several restaurants that offer free dinners and suppers to their loyal clients in order to maintain their relationships, while some restaurants such as, Benihana and Blimpie offer you free food on your birthdays and other special occasions.

Free Food on Birthdays

15. Driving a Tesla Car. Test Drive:

In case you are planning to buy a new car, Tesla offers its clients a free test drive. This not only helps in becoming familiar with the capacity and interior of the new car but also eliminates all your concerns about safety and mileage.

Free Test Drive of Tesla Car

16. Business Classes:

Prestigious institutions and corporate organisations such as the NYC Business Solutions offer free business conventions, classes and online courses that equip with all the necessary skills, tools and methods of running a successful business.

Free Business Clesses and Study

All you have to do is keep track of such offers and register yourself on time.

17. Support of Your Friends:

The easiest way of getting help is by simply asking your friends. We all rely on our friends, and we don’t Google or a Ph.D. Professor to explain it to us that no matter what, our friends will always be there for us.

Friends Support is Always Priceless

Hence, support your friends by simply being there for them, and they will return the favour each time.

18. Visit the beautician:

Considering the increasing level of competition and the emergence of a large number of beauty salons, there are several beauticians who offer free trials to their customers in order to get a competitive edge over their competitors and to earn the loyalty of their clientele.

Trial Visits of Beautician

19. Chocolate, cheese, sweets:

If you want to be delighted by some free chocolates, cheese and sweets, head out to your nearest promotional markets, for instance, the Saturday Farmer’s market and Borough Market.

Free Chocolate and Sweets

At such events, you will find the countless business with their own stalls, selling free goodies and food items to create demand for their products.

20. Signed celebrity photos:

Celebrities always give out autographs on concerts. So, if you attend a concert not only do you have a chance to get your own signed autographed photo, but also, you can sell these photos to other fans at a price of your choice!

Old Autograph of Marilyn Monroe

21. Vaccinations for animals:

Given the alarming rate of animal illnesses and the collective action of pressure groups to create mass awareness, state organisations have launched the free vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of illnesses among animals.

Free Animals Vaccination

Now, all you have to do is head over to the designated vaccination centre and get your precious pets vaccinated for free.

22. Piano:

Unless you are a true piano enthusiast, why else would you consider buying a piano? Pianos are usually heirlooms, which revolve through generations and usually come from your grandparents.

Sell Your Old Piano

If you are looking enough to rent a house with a grand pianoforte, the owner is least likely to object over your keeping it. So, you get a free pianoforte!

23. Dining Out with Kids:

There are countless of restaurants that offer free food for your children, for instance, Cici’s Pizza, Cinzetti, Denny’s and many more.

Free Dinners With Kids

So, if you don’t feel like cooking today, take your kids out for a free dinner to places where you will only be required to pay for adults.

24. Bathroom Fixtures:

Did you know that all bathroom fixtures and sanitary equipment found in the trash can actually be surprisingly new?

Free Bathroom Fixtures

So, if someone did not have the sense to keep their efficiently working bathroom fixtures, you need to take advantage of this situation. Head out to the nearest trash yard, and find the equipment you need for free.

25. Garden Seeds:

Do you want the seeds for a black rose of blue tulips for your garden? Instead of buying them from an expensive horticulturist, get them for free at your closest Garden Park or greenhouse.

Gerden Deeds For Free

26. Trip to any Country:

Is the traveller inside you itching for an adventurous journey to an exotic land? Well, there are several specialised and auto stop services that require travel companions, for instance, the Bla-Bla Car.

Free Auto-Stop Trips

So, all you have to do is pack your bags, hop on a plane and enjoy a free trip, all expenses paid.

27. Birthday Gifts and Discounts:

Outlets like Nordstrom, Chelsea Market Basket and many more allow you some amazing and exciting discount offers that add value to your purchase along with providing you a great variety and no quality compromises.

Birthday Gifts

28. Business Audit:

There are several companies willing to offer their clients free audits as a prelude to making you their client, and offer you their services in return.

Fee Business Audits from Professional Analytics

29. Museum Tickets:

You can get free museum tickets to all local and national exhibitions, state or city exhibitions, volunteer art projects, student’s non-profit festivals, local festival and cultural events.

Free Museum Tickets

30. Phone calls:

With the advent of some amazing and mind-blowing technological innovations such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype, you can call all your friends and loved ones and talk to them for countless hours without having to worry about telephone bills.

Fee Online Calls via Wi-Fi

All you need is a computer or a handset and a secure WiFi connection.

31. Psychological Support:

Organisations such as the NHS and the Mental Health Association are always taking initiatives to help individuals cope with their mental problems and recover their mental health with free consultancy and sessions.

Free Psychological Support

Furthermore, most schools, universities and workplaces have their own psychologists and counsellors ready to help you with your problems, free of charge.

32. Student Discounts:

From clothing and apparel, technology and food, to bookshops, libraries, museums and art galleries, students are given discounts almost everywhere they go.

Student Discounts for Anything

Prolific outlets such as Starbucks, Banana republic, Apple and Adobe are all famous for their exciting student discounts.

33. Fitness Training:

Most trainers and coaches provide free trial sessions before you are required to sign up for their fitness class.

Free Fitness Trainings

This helps you make up your mind whether this particular fitness training will adequately satisfy all your needs.

34. Auto Repair:

There are certain companies, such as Honda Civic and Chrysler Minivan, which provide free auto repairs and engine exchange throughout the warranty period.

Free Autho Repair

35. WI-FI:

For the tech savvy generation of modern day, WiFi is an absolute necessity, hence, from food outlets, shopping malls, salons to museums, shopping malls and libraries, it’s hard to find a place that does not provide its own free wiFi.

Free Wi-Fi Connection

36. Anything you wish:

Did you know that all you need to get your useful products is not money, but your ideas? Come up with amazing profitable ideas and exchange them for everything you need.

Lastly, always remember that money cannot buy you happiness. Happiness and joy only come from the love and care of your family, friends and loved ones, so cherish that above all.