The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

hey if this was an honest apology, i accept it. unfortunately the choices you made before and after the episode aired aren’t gonna be forgiven so easily. either way, you’re in luck, a lot of people are going to keep watching. the 100 is an amazing story that you should feel honored to have been given the chance to adapt to tv. you and the writers have turned kass’s story into an amazing show with amazing characters and incredible cast and it should be humbling you to get such a massive fan response.

i can understand lexa’s death as necessary for the story, but making us all believe she was going to survive the whole season with the finale twitter storm and then giving her such a weak shitty death was so abhorrent and classless i can barely believe it. misguided and unintentional tropes aside, lexa should have been given a death that was worthy and believable for her character. good storytelling is the bare minimum of your job, and that is where you ultimately failed the hardest.

if you’re lucky this won’t break your future career but who knows, you pissed a lot of people off and not all press is good press anymore. good luck.

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