Benefits of Reading Outside

Just like the body needs exercise, the mind needs reading to be healthy. By reading for work or for pleasure, you’re giving your mind the necessary exercise it needs. When you can, make it fun by going outside and sitting on a park bench with a good book or newspaper. Here are our top 9 benefits for reading outside:

1. Develop your mind.

Studies have shown that by reading regularly, the brain structure changes and becomes more developed. Even if you’re not a natural reader, you can train yourself to become better with daily practice!

2. Benefit from the sunshine vitamin.

When exposed to the sun, your body naturally produces vitamin D, a.k.a the sunshine vitamin. It has many great benefits including:

  • Body absorbs calcium and phosphorous
  • Helps develop a healthy immune system
  • Improves development of bones and teeth

3. Boost your memory.

Studies show that reading gives your mind a better workout than watching images or listening to a speech or presentation. When you read, you mind has more time to comprehend and analyze.

4. Enhance your vocabulary.

The more you read, the more words you’re exposed to. Expanding your vocabulary is a great way to enhance your communication skills — a plus in the professional world.

5. Sharpen your reading and writing skills.

Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. When you read well-written work, your writing also improves. Exposure to different styles and genres can be influential in shaping your own writing style.

6. Lengthen your concentration.

In our digital age, studies show that our attention spans have shortened. Our easy access to our mobile devices divides our attention between multiple tasks, which can reduce our productivity and create stress. However, when reading, our focus is on one sole thing. Grab a book, sit outside, and read for a few minutes each day. You’ll see a difference in your ability to concentrate and focus.

7. Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

As you read, you’ll use critical thinking and analytical skills to analyze character development, plot, if it was a well-written piece, etc. This same skill applies in life. Being able to figure out how to solve problems is an essential life skill that can be developed from reading.

8. Widen your imagination.

As you read, your mind will create imagery in great detail that will enhance your imagination and worldview, which can be beneficial in your professional and social life.

9. Lower your stress.

Taking a few minutes each day to get outside and read gives your mind a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Let your mind wander into a good story while you relax and ease tension.

Grab a book, get outside, and relax while reading!

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