Cryptocurrency has a long and rich history, and it has progressed and grown in value over time. Multiple aspects of cryptocurrency have changed, from Bitcoin to the birth of numerous alternative Blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, Smart Chain, and so on.

There are numerous marketplaces that sell digital assets, such as written texts, video games, and art collections, among other things. None, however, have placed an emphasis on preserving the integrity of antiquities that strive to record and display the events that led to the creation of the cryptoverse, as well as existing and anticipated trends, for the benefit of their owners.

NFTs were first created on the Ethereum Blockchain before spreading to other blockchains, including this one on the Solana ecosystem.

Hence the Chain Age…

The Chain Age Museum will be minted on the Solana Blockchain, making it available to anybody interested in admiring the Cryptoverse’s splendor. Minting on the Solana Blockchain is as minimal as it gets, so anyone interested in owning these priceless treasures won’t have to worry about gas costs.

Starting in the year 2022, Chain Age NFTs will be released twice a year. This release plan seeks to avoid any inconsistencies that would result from a presumed foretelling of what might happen in the Cryptoverse.

Every NFT that is released and preserved on Chain Age Museum will be one-of-a-kind, covering all of the cryptoverse’s stories and events. As a result, every series will receive 50 to 200 NFTs for minting, which will occur twice a year.

The Genesis, Drops of Freedom, and Heroes of Cryptoverse are among the three sets of NFTs that will be released in the first series. The first set seeks to reward Chain Age Museum’s whitelisted NFT holders. The Heroes of Cryptoverse will be given to people who have immensely made a significant contribution towards the Cryptoverse’s continued success. The second set will consist of 100 rare NFTs that will be given out to dedicated participants.

The ‘Observers,’ the team behind this platform, will continue to reward people who contribute to the development of the Cryptoverse, however it should be emphasized that future series will only feature one set.

The platform is currently in its second event in Q4, with two more events to accomplish before its launch on the Solana Ecosystem in 2022. The Observers have pledged to adhere to their policy of only minting two series per year, and the fact that it is situated in the metaverse ensures that this Museum will not only live up to its expectations, but stand the test of time!

What’s the next big thing in the Cryptoverse? Well, here it is, THE CHAIN AGE!




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Samson Adetunji Aderonmu

Samson Adetunji Aderonmu

I .Brand Developer. I .Content Creator. I .Freelancer. I .Community Manager. I

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