The 8 Creative and Fun Gadgets For Sale on

The followings are 8 creative and fun gadgets that you can find on, the largest CTOC e-commerce site in China. Each of these items is sold in different Taobao stores at different price so here I won’t provide the specific store link and if you intend to buy them you can enter the related keywords into the search box on Taobao to find them or use a reliable Taobao shopping agent service provider like the ( 华人和留学生可访问Superbuy中文站).

Car seat gap filler

This product productively utilizes the gap between car seats and the console to put small objects you regularly use like phones, CDs, car keys, coins, bill notes, etc. and prevent small things from falling under the car seat.

Sugru moldable glue

The Sugru moldable glue, which looks like colorful play dough, can stick to a variety of materials like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics, be molded into any shape, and turn into durable, flexible silicone rubber after 24 hours.

Rotary walnut shucker

This gizmo squeezes walnuts in a fully sealed housing to avoid splashing, ensuring safety and cleanliness.

Sleep Master sleep mask

What makes the Sleep Master sleep mask different is the sound muffling material filling in the ear area so users don’t need to use earplugs to block out foreign noises.

Pop-up book

All people who have a childlike innocence should like Pop-up books, and it is also a wonderful gift to your children or friends’.

Snowball machine gun

The snowball machine gun is simple to use, just fill the six round containers sitting on the top of the gun body with snow, close them together hard to make three snowball shells, and then shoot them. The range of the snowball blaster is about 17 ft.

Scallion vegetable umbrella

This interesting umbrella imitates the figuration of the scallions sold in the market. Imagine how many heads will turn if you walk down the street under the scallion vegetable umbrella.

Water droplet fishbowl

The form of the fishbowl looks like a water droplet which is sliding from the edge of the desk, but sits on the edge firmly. OCD patients do not buy it.