You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Is this for real? “The United States ranks at 45 for women’s equality. Behind Rwanda, Cuba, Philippines, Jamaica.” Do you know how fucked up some of these countries are? Sure they have better female/male equality, and, yet, those countries are shit compared to the United States. Their standard of living is so low, economy is not that great, more poor people, and you use those countries as EXAMPLES?!?!!? So, women’s rights is more important than the economy, or corrupt government, or widespread poverty, huh?

You do realize these magazines that show the caked up and photoshopped female celebrities…..are owned by WOMEN, right? Women have just as much a hand in sexualizing, exploiting, and shaming the female body to the masses as much as men. You are tired of being catcalled and the sexual aggressiveness of some men? Did you know PORNOGRAPHY is a big part of that? Millions and millions of men watch porn, and porn nowadays is more hardcore than ever. Studies have shown that viewing hardcore porn does increase aggression in men and even women:

Yet, you have so many young 18 year old girls willingly signing up for porn every month, hoping to be the next big thing, the “it” girl in porn. Sure, it’s still a male driven business. But so many young girls (intelligent ones who come from a normal background) want to do it. They consciously make the decision to allow themselves to be violently fucked in various positions with the camera being zoomed in on their private parts showing every detail of it. Sure, porn was started by men, but you have more FEMALE porn directors now than ever before, and girls are supplying their bodies to it for fame and money. So yes, females have a big hand in creating this hardcore porn, thus keeping porn in the media, and keeping young men’s exposure to it, etc.

And this is the PROBLEM you whiny bitches don’t seem to understand. Men degrading women is not right. Women shouldn’t stay in the kitchen, and should have rights to their body, and work and have careers if they want to. I agree. The problem is, feminism has made you women so desperate to become EQUAL to men, they you’ve began to act like them and don’t even realize it. No, I’m not talking about LITERALLY being more masculine. Men have a more masculine energy. They are more goal oriented, focused, assertive, analytical, logical, aggressive. Women have more feminine energy and are more nurturing, intuitive, emotional, “soft”, sensitive, forgiving. By climbing the ladders and trying to be as equal to men in society, you’ve unknowingly developed those masculine traits I mentioned above. Women weren’t meant to be aggressive, analytical, and logical. That DOES NOT mean you can’t use these to accomplish something, but the feminine traits are what you should be in MOST of the time. So many women use this masculine energy in their workplace, and bring that energy home in are in that energy for most of their waking moments. By climbing the ladders, you take on this very masculine role, and by taking this masculine role, you start to really begin to TAKE ON THE MASCULINE ROLE. For example, women directing more porn movies. That was an all male job, women wanted to climb the porn ladder, and now they are directing (giving orders is a male trait) porn scenes, and having a big hand in the sexualization of women. You have females being lead editors for certain magazines (also beauty products), where they select only the attractive, well known celebrities/models, airbrush them and stick them on covers and in their commercials. Did you know Cosmopolitan was started by a man in the 1880's, but it didn’t begin to have attractive models/celebrities on their covers until the 60's, when a WOMAN was in charge of it? Maybe she wanted to copy the success of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, and put hot girls with more body exposure on the cover to sell more copies. Maybe. These women, by climbing the ladder and now being in a more masculine role (the LEADER of a group of people), realize they need to sell their product, make money, and how do they do that? By taking a page out of what men were doing……exploiting female beauty.

See? Women have just as big a hand in this day and age in exploitation of women, objectifying the female body, and increase aggressiveness of male behavior. It used to be things like playboy, men’s health magazines, and a few porn videos that showed women for sensual reasons. But today, how often do we see beauty product commercials, lingerie ads, and hot women advertising female stuff? A lot of this……run by women. They’ve become equal to men in business and advertising, and they flat out decided to do what men do to make money. And yet you women want MORE women to be in business, get paid more, and further finance women having a big hand in objectifying your own gender? I’m not saying men should be doing this too and using the female body to sell things. They shouldn’t, but the argument here is more WOMEN now doing it, and it only SKYROCKETED the amount of objectifying of women with female magazines, females promoting beauty products, and young women more than ever taking part in porn.

And feminism teaches women to be more like men. It’s no surprise promiscuity among women have skyrocketed over time. I mean, men were the ones be overtly sexually expressive, feminism taught women they can act the same way. The slutty college girl title has been a thing for years now. No, it’s not an excuse for men to take advantage of them, but promiscuous women are more present than ever before in history. College rape is a real thing, but we have no clue how many of those are women who cried wolf.

Again, I’m not saying women can’t work or have careers. But MEN have been the reason society is what it is today. The advancement of society? You can thank men for that. The buildings in your city, the bridges, all civil engineering feats……built by MEN with their own hands. The greatest scientific discoveries that shaped mankind throughout history…..made by men. Wars fought for freedom……made by men who gave their lives. Cars as a means of easier transportation, the airplane, the train…..ideas started by men and built by men. Society advanced BECAUSE OF MEN. Men are just better at this stuff than women, PERIOD. This where where the masculine traits come in. Men are more goal oriented, focused, assertive, and yes being physically superior….these are the traits needed in spades that helped the advancing of society from building skyscrapers, to discovering scientific laws, to even directing movies.

So, women should work and have a career, of course they should. Women should have rights and be protected because they are human too. But be EQUAL to men in virtually every way????? Taking on masculine roles? Feminism, while it does some good, has completely brainwashed millions upon millions of women into thinking being successful in life is doing what men do. It’s caused some good, but mostly problems.

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