Church of Ryan — A Minecraft Realm

It all started with the need for a Minecraft server, as a group we wanted to play Minecraft together. So I setup an old computer to run a server and we played, enjoyed and were generally merry. However running a Minecraft server on an old computer doesn’t come without problems, the computer would constantly output could not keep up messages not to mention the fact that as it was running in my bedroom, if my internet down or the power went out the server would go down and without suspending the server properly there was a chance of map corruption. Another issue we had was lag especially if exploring previously un-rendered areas of the map.

This is where realms came in, when it was released to the UK, a friend of mine set up a realm and all was good with the world. Until of course we got bored of Minecraft and stop playing the realm lapsed and was left in limbo.

Then came Minecraft 1.8 update and we all wanted to play but the realm we were previously playing on had lapsed and due to complications with trying to reactivate it, I decided to take on the task of starting a new realm and The Church of Ryan was born.

The name was born as result of the my like for building churches in Minecraft as houses.

Then came the website. A need for rules and regulations on the realm arose from a few players who were less versed on the etiquette of playing Minecraft on a closed server. Thus the Ten Commandments where introduced. The need arose to store these commandments and make them available to the rest of the players so I set up the website: the Church of Ryan website. A number of other issues arose with players which were not covered under the Ten Commandments namely issues with farming and deforestation, so The Sustainable Farming Act 2015 was introduced to deal with these issues.

A New World

After a long period of inactivity and several Map resets along came the Frost Burn update and it was once again time for a new Map when on of our congregation came across this map seed which contains all biomes within 2000 blocks of each other. This is a great map seed which we are currently playing on. There was also a picture map of all the biomes, which prompted the discussion of adding the location’s of peoples homes to this, but then I came across the Overview map generator which generates an interactive map using the google maps api written in python and can be compiled or come pre-compiled for windows. Originally I was serving the map from a hosted web server but as we explored more of the map and built more, the map needed to be updated more regularly and at 2GB+ this became impractical so it is currently being served by a NAS running Apache.