V9: One small step for Supernova, one giant leap for code gen

Introducing the new standard of code generation

Aug 3 · 2 min read
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We are proud to officially launch and introduce you to the new standard of code generation, .

Blueprints puts the power of quality code generation into the hands of developers everywhere, for any platform, with the freedom and flexibility to tailor the code output to their preference to maximize performance. From web to mobile, design systems, and beyond — as long as it can be represented as a design, Supernova will be able to export it.

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Yep, you read that right.

Using Blueprints, you can alter an existing Supernova exporter or build one from scratch entirely to your preference. For the first time ever, you can bend code generation to your will completely — output for any language, any platform, any architecture, any standards, and any level of detail, from snippets to complete app scaffolding.

No longer will you have to adapt your processes to what the codegen produces. Now you can truly make it fit your processes and standards.

Learn more about or jump into documentation and . 🚀


The Supernova team


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