😵‍💫 $HYPEnomics V1

Rare Bears
7 min readMar 3, 2023

Ticker: HYPE

Blockchain: MultiversX

Token ID: HYPE-619661

MultiversX Explorer:

100,000,000,000 max supply

High Yield farming token by SuperRareBears

HYPE reasoning

There is a niche within the MultiversX Network which has yet to be filled, we think it can benefit from a viable meme token. The creation of HYPE will fulfill this role, be a high yield farming token, as well as support the SRB NFT & RARE Ecosystem.

1.🔐 Unique HYPE points

HYPE at its core is a high-yield farming token that will try to achieve Meme status on MultiversX Network and beyond

● Increases visibility for the MultiversX Network & the SuperRareBears brand

● Uses RARE as additional gas fee for farm and pool operations

● Excess pool mechanism will buy RARE, HYPE & SRB

● Burn mechanism for both RARE and HYPE

● Low starting price on the JungleDEX

● High APR from Farms & Pools

● Consistent drops for Bear & RARE holders

● Sizable drop to Partners & Community

● No Team Wallet

2. 😵‍💫 Where’s the HYPE?

💦 15% Jungle DEX liquidity
🚜 60% Yield Farming
💧 3%🐻 Collection Holder Drop
🌊 2.5% RARE LP/Holders
⚡️ 3% MultiversX Drop
🛫 3% Inter-chain Drop
⚡️ 4% Brand Growth
⚙️ 4% Development
🧱 3.5 % Foundation
💳 2% DAO Wallet

$HYPE Token Allocation


1 Billion $HYPE allocated

The faucet will pay out a small amount of HYPE. It will be located in the HypeZone on QuantumX.

To enter the HypeZone you need at least 5 $RARE in your wallet.

MultiversX first HYPE Faucet

🚰 https://www.quantumx.network/hypezone

A small additional RARE ⛽️ fee (0.5 RARE) will be taken.

One claim every 24 hours, it will serve as part of the MultiversX drop & in the future will be calibrated to accommodate inter-chain whitelisting.

4.💹Brand Growth

4 Billion $HYPE allocated

Marketing funds for HYPE, providing both brand awareness and growth.

This will include media promotions and cross-chain awareness.


4 Billion $HYPE allocated

Used to strengthen integration and further development of HYPE. This can include additional pools, extra features, listings & development work

6.🔋Foundation Reserve

3.5 Billion $HYPE

Back up fund to be used in an emergency and for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

This can include security, or changes to Tokenomics.

7.💳 DAO wallet

2 Billion $HYPE

This amount will be sent to the SRB DAO wallet, will be used under governance at a later time.


60 Billion (60%) HYPE is allocated.

There are several Pools & Farms on QuantumX Network in an area known as The HypeZone. As previously mentioned, to enter the HypeZone you need at least 5 RARE in your wallet balance.


⛽️ A small fee of 0.5 RARE is used for all operations within the HYPEZone, this RARE will be burned.

The fee is subject to change in the future, with price fluctuations

- 🐻 Bear Stakers on XOXNO receive a 10% Reward boost on all Pools and Farms compared to users without a 🐻

All pools and farms have a 28-day unbonding period from last stake, if stakers wish to leave early the fees are as follows:

Days 1–14 from last stake 5% early withdrawal fee

Days 15–28 from last stake 2.5%

Fee uses

🔥Buy & burn RARE

🔥Buy HYPE & Burn

🌾 Buy HYPE for year 2 farms/pools

🐻 Buy Bears
🏊‍♂ USDC buys EGLD for HYPE/USDC farm rewards

Rewards can be claimed daily (each epoch)

HYPE Pools and Farms

8.1 🎲HYPE Farms

35 billion allocation

🔄RARE/USDC -8 billion allocation

Create RARE and USDC liquidity on JungleDEX and stake the LP within the HypeZone on QuantumX

🔋HYPE/USDC -22 billion allocation

Create HYPE and USDC liquidity on JungleDEX and stake the LP within the HypeZone on QuantumX

🪫HYPE/USDC-5 Billion allocation

Bear 🐻 Owners only

Create HYPE and USDC liquidity on JungleDEX and stake the LP within the HypeZone on QuantumX. Stakers must have a SuperRareBears NFT

🌾USDC/HYPE LP Farm (required to have 500 RARE in wallet to enter)

Pool pays EGLD rewards

Self sustaining pool where EGLD is bought from the USDC from early withdrawal fee

8.2 🚜HYPE Pools

8.2.1 Stake $RARE earn $HYPE

8 billion allocation.

3 QuantumX Pools, 🐻 owners only.


Pool 1: 1–5 🐻

Pool 2: 6–9 🐻

Pool 3: 10+ 🐻

Those with 10 or more 🐻 have access to all pools

Max staking is 1 million RARE per pool.

This will reduce the emissions of HYPE for each pool, if they are not filled, via the excess pool emissions mechanism.

🔥 20% of the excess burned

💰 20% buys RARE

🌾 60% used for future farms/pools (after 1 year)

Example: only 500,000 RARE in a pool, HYPE emissions will be halved, and the excess subject to the excess hype mechanism.

8.2.2 💎Stake HYPE earn RARE

220,000 RARE allocation.

2 QuantumX Pools.

Requirement (must have)

Pool 1: 100 +RARE

Pool 2: 1000+ RARE

Max staking 10 billion HYPE per pool.

This will reduce the emissions of RARE for each pool, if pools are not filled, via the excess pool emissions mechanism.

🔥50% excess RARE burned

💰50% buys HYPE

🔥🔥50% of this HYPE burns 🌾 50% used for future pools

Excess Pool emission mechanism

8.2.3💠Bearly Bonding allocation & staking SRB to earn HYPE

3 Billion allocation

Rewards for SRB NFT staking on XOXNO & BearlyBonding on QuantumXNetwork

8.2.4 🎯 Extra pools/farms

12 billion allocation.

Used for additional pools/farms & for year 2 rewards

8.2.5 🚀 Rewards Boost

2 billion allocation.

It can be used during token drops for certain pools, this will encourage providing of liquidity/staking, instead of selling.

9. 🤖Anti Bot/price sustainability mechanism

As with any launch volatility is expected, sometimes “bots” can also be involved, which can process buy and sell orders faster than any human can process. We aim to keep the community as safe as possible. The Anti bot/price sustainability mechanism will have the ability to counter any large sell off. It will also buy if the price falls below launch price.

A total of 200,000 RARE has been set aside for this from development funds. If needed it can be used to buy HYPE which will then either be burned, used for liquidity, or year 2 emissions. Any unused $RARE will be returned to development wallet at the end of the first year.

10.👩🏻‍🌾Farm/pool emissions schedule year one

Emissions 1 month = 30 days

10.1 🚅Farms

💵 RARE/USDC — 8 billion

• 💲HYPE/USDC — 22 billion

•💰HYPE/USDC 🐻 owners only — 5 Billion allocation

10.2 😵‍💫 HYPE Pools

🎢 Stake RARE earn HYPE — 8 billion (3 QuantumX pools)

Pool 1: 1–5 🐻

First 3 months: 2.1 billion

Month 4–12: 100 million a month

Pool 2: 6–9 🐻

First 3 months 2.1 billion

Month 4–12: 100 million a month

Pool 3: 10+ 🐻

First 3 months: 1.1 Billion

Month 4–12: 100 million a month

🧿Stake HYPE earn RARE — 220,000 RARE total (2 pools)

Pool 1: Must have 100+ RARE. 105k RARE allocation.

Pool 2: Must have 1000+ RARE. 115k RARE allocation.

🧸 SRB 🐻 HYPE NFT pool on XONXO

Month= 30 days

2500 max 🐻 in pool

412,500,000 first month *

*An additional 37,500,000 was added to this making it 33 days for the first month instead of 30

1st year issuance


If the number of SRB NFTs staked in the pool is less than 2500, then the pool will be subject to the SRB/HYPE excess pool mechanism shown below, during favorable market conditions.

30% buys Bears

20% buys RARE & Burn

50% year 2

Summary of Pools and Farms on QuantumX
In the HypeZone

🌾4 farms
🏊‍♂5 pools
⛽ 0.5 RARE gas fee for all operations
🧸 10% rewards boost for SRB stakers
🚪5 RARE needed in wallet to enter
🐻 Exclusive SRB Pools/Farm
💰 Exclusive RARE holder's farms/pools
👋 Early withdrawal fee 5-2.5% helping to sustain the ecosystem
♻️ Excess RARE/HYPE mechanism


🐻 Stake RARE/USDC LP to earn HYPE & 13 other tokens


🐻 Stake your SRB to earn HYPE daily
♻️ Excess HYPE furthers the ecosystem
🤖 Anti bot mechanism to ensure price doesn’t drop below listing
⏳Future Pools/Farms

Please keep in mind that HYPE is a high yield farming token, by no means does anything written here constitute financial advice, everyone should do their own due diligence & never put in more than they can afford to lose.

Feedback & constructive criticism is always welcome within the SRB community, so feel free to share your views.

That concludes V1 of HYPE Tokenomics, remember things can be subject to change, but rest assured that it will only be in the best interest of the community