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Microsoft office for Mac suite comprises of a collection of user-friendly applications that make a computer to be one of the most powerful devices in the world today. Without Microsoft office applications life would be deplorable to the common man. Thanks to Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft that today has made it possible for us to communicate and exchange data worldwide. Microsoft office comprises of applications such as word, PowerPoint, access, excel, designer, publisher, SharePoint, OneNote, plus many other office tools that offer solution to the day to day user requirements.

Mac operating system

Mac is a brand name for Macintosh personal computers developed by Apple computers, which is a major competitor of Microsoft in software and hardware market. Apple computers were founded by none other than Steve Jobs way back in 1984 and are still a force to reckon in the field of technology. Macintosh or Mac, therefore, is a personal computer, running on Mac operating system. It offers the same graphical user interface for both personal computers and workstations. The main difference between Microsoft and Mac is mainly in the innovations in both software and hardware services they offer users.

Microsoft office for Mac

The recent integration of Microsoft office for Mac is a major shift in the norm of all time competitors in the technology industry. Having Microsoft office solutions running on Mac operating system is a pointer to a possible merger or acquisition in the near future, needless to say. The deal that resulted in bitter enemies coming together to do business ones and for all is a revolution in the software and hardware platform. Steve Jobs clearly stated that the notion that if Apple has to win then Microsoft has to lose is out of the equation. Thanks to Steve Jobs, for this statement that has finally given Apple computers a lease of life.

This deal has also enabled it to continue serving her customers and most of all diffuse the unhealthy competition that has bogged it down for over two decades. The rare deal is a sign of maturity between the two business moguls and industry leaders. Microsoft for the very first time offered to integrate the best selling Microsoft office software to Apple’s Macintosh a decision that has currently given birth to the new Microsoft Office for Mac 2016.


Microsoft office for Mac 2016 is an integration of the office applications to run on Macintosh operating systems. Cross platform independence makes Microsoft office applications flexible and usable on any device regardless of the manufacturer and serving more users in the process. The Microsoft office suite allows multiple accesses hence users can work on the same document at the same time and still communicate through threaded notes. Excel allows for advanced features including sharing worksheets and developing charts and previewing the same online. With PowerPoint, it becomes easy to work on the same presentation simultaneously and achieve a common goal while helping you to achieve more within a short period of time. Microsoft office for mac 2016 allows users to access their documents from anywhere, any device and anytime.

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