Being progressive is not normal.

By Inductiveload — self-made, Mathematica, Inkscape, Public Domain,

I’ve come to the conclusion that the true progressive left will never win the mainstream vote, by definition.

People are either left or right of the middle. The middle is, well, stuck in the middle. It doesn’t embrace change like the edges do.

The middle is statistically and disappointingly “normal.”

Even when it’s in their best interest to change, they resist. The normal are the skeptics and the slow-moving, those entrenched in the status quo, not the dreamers and optimists looking forward, full speed ahead.

The normal person’s resistance to change is the subject of many business books about ‘managing change’ and about disgruntled workers forced to change, and about how to help people who are confused when their cheese location has changed.

Resisting change is a totally normal thing. Change is hard for the normal person.

So like an ocean liner, the country changes course by just a few degrees whenever we try to change course. We don’t do radical upheaval type change because we have to get so many people collectively on board to agree with the change — which is never going to happen.

In this election, I realize that by supporting Bernie I allowed myself to be surrounded by an optimistic bubble of like-minded progressives, hoping for a truly progressive platform, hoping that by sheer momentum, pushing hard at the edge of the progressive platform would win over the center and carry them along with us.

But for the country to embrace that much change that quickly would just be really abnormal. It defies science. Lesson learned.