Let’s say you’re progressive and you want to get behind a candidate in the 2016 election, without compromising your values.

Here’s a scoring method you can use to decide. Candidate with the most points gets your support:

1. 10 points if the candidate has really solidly progressive ideas beyond just typical moderate/center-left stuff.

Hillary 0, Bernie 10, Jill Stein 10

2. 10 points if they have loads of experience in public office beyond “Head of the Recycling Board” or something, because if they win, all the heavyweight Republicans don’t just disappear in a puff of smoke and they have to know how to get these Republicans to do the stuff they want.

Hillary 10, Bernie 10, Jill Stein 0

3. 20 points if they have the potential to actually get elected, because they are the chosen candidate backed by a major political party. Double points on this one because if a candidate can’t get elected nothing else matters; they can’t do anything progressive or centrist or otherwise if they can’t actually get elected to do the job.

Hillary 20, Bernie 0, Jill Stein 0

TOTAL: Hillary 30, Bernie 20, Jill 10