Bounty: Ark Trivia

Mar 11 · 2 min read

This is your chance to show how much you know about the Ark community, while you’re at it, why not win some Ark?


First place: 500 Ark (This will be divided among all correct entries.)

Second place: 150 Ark (This will be divided among entries with at least 8 correct answers from users that are not eligible for the first-place prize.)

Entry Requirements

Submit your answers for all 12 trivia questions (in the correct order) along with an Ark address to Skeuo or Supercool via PM on Slack or Reddit before 10:00 pm Friday 13th March 2020 (UTC).

Some notes about the questions below:

  • Some answers might be cryptic
  • Some questions may have multiple correct answers. These questions are indicated with (M).
  • Answers are usually a name.
  • Questions may be related to Reddit users, Slack users, team members & delegates.

Question 1:

Which delegate could you count on for being mistaken as a medical professional?

Question 2:

Which team member shares a name with a current or past delegate? (M)

Question 3:

Who sports a username on Slack that is also shared with an element on the periodic table?

Question 4:

Who traveled for hours to buy a hotdog using Ark?

Question 5:

Lives on an island, likes to be on a board, sees things many do not. Often found on slack.(M)

Question 6:

Has a username on Reddit which suggests they like to hold large metal discs?

Question 7:

Who is the longest forging delegate currently in the top 51?

Question 8:

Which team member provided a tool that allows you to generate a custom Ark address if you’re feeling a little vain?

Question 9:

A developer involved with Ark that might be pressed to use nitrous in his car?

Question 10:

Beginning with M, a late community member that was once a part of the Magnificent 7?

Question 11:

Shirley Eaton walks with a crowd, who does she vote for?

Question 12:

If Ark and Quark are dry, you might need to hurt your hands for this one.

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