Hi Everyone.

It has been a fairly interesting few weeks for Ark, but also for our delegate in particular. We recently just reached 5,000 forged blocks, we completed our first network upgrade successfully and we also fulfilled our first bounty. It might be fair to say we’ve settled in.

Our previous bounty

As you may recall, the challenge was to order a pepperoni pizza (or similar) and have the toppings arranged in the form of the Ark logo. We can happily say that the prize was awarded to slack user Crna Zmija for his efforts below at a bounty of 194.4 Ark.

Image for post
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We had an entry that came in a little sooner but unfortunately we decided it fell just short of the competition criteria. Despite this, we decided to award BroadcastJunkie 10 Ark for his efforts.

Bounty №2

Now we were going to give a teaser and release time for this next bounty before delivering it to give everyone a ready, steady, go. but we are confident it is challenging enough that everyone will get a chance to have a go.

Image for post
Image for post

Above you will see a new superskeuo 21:9 wallpaper (easily crop-able to 16:9)

The challenge:

There are 8 unique city locations featured in the superskeuo bird wallpaper. What are they?

Winner capacity: No limit. Bounty split between all correct entries that are submitted. At competition close, the pot will be approximately 395 Ark.

If there are no winners, we will extend the window of time and provide an unbiased clue.

How to enter:

Provide a list of the city names from left to right, before 11pm UTC Sunday.

Option A: Send Skeuo or Supercool a DM on slack with your list of locations. Comment in #random channel to confirm you have entered.

Option B: Send Supercool or Skeuo a DM on reddit with your list of locations. Comment in the reddit thread to confirm you have entered.

We will not let you know if you are correct or incorrect until the end of the competition. If you have sent multiple sets of locations, your most recent one will be chosen.



While you may enter this challenge with no help, it may be beneficial to work with others. Goodluck!

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