Your delegate and ecosystem need you!

Jul 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Due to the continued hard work of the Ark team and the excellent Devnet bounty campaign by Alessio we have seen a nice influx of new delegates. New delegates always mean one thing: Delegate wars.

If you feel like your delegate is active, a force for good in the ecosystem and deserves his or her spot in the top 51 we invite you to promote them, and possibly win some ark!

Superskeuo is giving away 250 ark as first prize, 125 ark as second prize and 65 ark as the third prize!

Image for post
Image for post
Your slogan here!

What you have to do to win? Create a cool slogan for a delegate! Promoting what the delegate does for the ecosystem or why people need to vote for the delegate. You can be as creative as you like. Troll entries are allowed but with moderation! Troll slogans can’t be hurtful, include someone’s private life or go against the general rules of ark slack/Reddit.

We believe active delegates are the biggest reason for positive results in the Ark Ecosystem, and we hope that you help us in celebrating this!

Entries are accepted for next 7 days until the 4th of august 5PM UTC. Superskeuo will choose the 3 winners, when judging we will look at 3 criteria.
1. The quality of the slogan
2. The value the delegate brings to the ecosystem (the more active the delegate you have written the slogan for the better your chances of winning)
3. The community reaction towards your slogan

You can enter with as many slogans as you like, but you can only win one of the prices! To join please post your slogan on Reddit(, and don’t forget to add it in #delegate on slack.

Good luck!

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