Upcoming Events in Dec’17 by Superstars of Street in India — Let the Laugh Accompany You!

Superstars of Street plans a second tour in the month of Dec 2017 across various malls in India. This time SOS brings in international trios, who have won multiple awards and have won millions of hearts from over 20 other countries. After receiving lots of love and support after the first tour in Nov 2016 which took place in DLF Promenade New Delhi and Phoenix Market city Chennai, Superstars of street thinks what could be a better time to come other than Christmas month.

“WOW! We have never seen anything like this before and we definitely would like to you all again” says Mrs Singla, a proud mother who came with her family visiting DLF Promenade.
“These people are hilarious, and we thank you and we thank the mall for bringing us this show” echoed the audience.

Superstars of Street will announce their tour dates and cities as soon as they get green lights from India.