I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

It’s unfortunate “Amy” has to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation (lawsuit or black listed). It shows that in the Silicon Valley, while companies are defending immigrants and refugees, daughter’s, sister’s, mother’s, and wife’s are still being harassed bythe “old boys club” culture. A story like this comes up every year, but then it’s quickly forgotten. The culture won’t change until these predators are outed so they can’t go from company to company preying on women. Sexual harassment probably is a daily occurrence and happens more often than anyone is willing to count.

Uber is only doing something now since their IPO is in danger. These recent moves by them are just purely PR. The hardest part of having a daughter is the balance of teaching caution, self-defense, not to trust…and yet to live openly and friendly. Very hard balance.

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