Suicide Mod Squad

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It’s no secret that I’ve not been looking forward to the Suicide Squad movie. To me too many of the character designs were altered beyond recognition, and some of them just seem out of place for this specific franchise (Killer Croc for one). But the biggest deterrent for me was the fact that it looked like another movie that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment were just going to over stuff with story, thus decreasing the quality of the film. This has been the major problem with DC movies starting with The Dark Knight Rises(TDKR).

I was only going to see this movie if I had to. Which I do since I’m supposed to stay up to date with comics and comic related material. The life of a reviewer. Anyway, this movie looked to be overstuffed like it’s predecessors, then I started hearing about the rewrites. Now it’s very common for a movie to have multiple rewrites and reshoots, that’s just the name of the game. But these rewrites came late in the filming which meant something was going down. At first I thought the director got replaced but after some digging I found out that Warner Bros. put Geoff Johns in charge of their DC Entertainment studio. This is the best move Warner Bros. has made since green lighting Christopher Nolan to make Batman movies.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the man, Geoff Johns is the current President and Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics. Of course this isn’t a position he was just signed on to. Johns first got his start as just an idea pitcher, where he pitched the idea for Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., and created the character Star-Spangled Kid. Once DC realized Johns’ potential, he was writing comics full time and even got to reinvent Green Lantern and The Flash. While writing for these titles Johns brought the Silver Age heroes Hal Jordan and Barry Allen back into the main DC continuity. This was thought to be a controversial move at the time but the resurgence of these characters brought new life to DC and improved comic sales and reader ratings. He continued to gain popularity when he wrote the Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, and, Flashpoint story arcs. The latter of which changed the DC continuity and set the company up for the New 52 initiative. Geoff Johns has received multiple awards for his writing including four awards for Best Writer from Wizard and Project Fan boy.

So would I say that Geoff Johns has piqued my interest in the Suicide Squad movie? Yes, yes he has, which is exactly what Warner Bros. wanted to happen. This is the whole reason they hired him. The only thing I wonder about, is how much actual creative control Warner Bros. will give Johns? If they play their cards right, the next few years could belong to the DC Cinematic Universe, and Warner Bros. will finally give Disney a run for it’s money.

Don’t forget to check out Suicide Squad this weekend.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.