The year of trying new things

“When the last time you did something for the first time?”

I never want to be the kind of person that gets too comfortable and stops learning. I set out to make 2014 the year I said yes to trying new things (channelling a little bit of Jim Carrey along the way).

I remember a lot of my “firsts” as a child, and the feeling of adventure that was associated with trying something for the first time. I wanted to experience as much of that as I could. In that aspect, I’m pretty happy with how my year turned out:

  • Joined a dodgeball league
  • Ate blow-torched sushi
  • Threw an axe
  • Went to a Fancy Video Game Party
  • Printed from a 3D printer
  • Sat in a box seat at a Raptors game
  • Went to Columbus, Georgia (to attend Creative South)
  • Competed in (and won!) a Live TypeFight
  • Attended a conference alone
  • Tried online dating
  • Went to a party on a streetcar
  • Saw my work in a magazine
  • Painted a mural
  • Skateboarded (not exactly the first time, but first time in over a decade)
  • Went to a Raptors playoff game
  • Went to an R&B bbq
  • Walked Toronto Island from end to end
  • Helped sail a boat
  • Attempted to escape from an Escape Game
  • Attended a brush lettering workshop
  • Went to Chicago, Illinois
  • Drank wine while I grocery shopped
  • Watched a Cubs game at Wrigley
  • Went to a stand up comedy show
  • Worked out using kettle bells
  • Hired a cleaning person
  • Drove to Laguna beach alone and spent the entire day on the beach
  • Bought something from the apple store (and then returned it 10 days later)
  • Ate at ink (the best tasting food I had all year)
  • Joined a softball team
  • (almost) went Skydiving
  • Led my very first lettering workshop
  • Threw pottery on a wheel
  • Broke my phone
  • Saw a Cirque du Soleil performance
  • Went to a Raptors home opener
  • Took a same day trip to Brooklyn (got on a plane with no luggage!)
  • Dyed my hair (purple!)
  • Tried kickboxing
  • Attended a glassblowing workshop and made two tree ornaments
  • Built three-dimensional signage w/ working lights
  • Made and successfully mailed holiday cards
  • Started (and successfully finished!) a 365 project
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