The Sponsta Gang Went to Komfo Summit. Here’s What We Learned


When Komfo invited us to sponsor their 2016 summit by helping to create content for their Instagram account, how could we say no?

They organised three floors of talks and activities, all on the latest trends and topics around social media. These included talks by some of the industry’s biggest leaders, including MediaCom, Danske Bank and Revolt.

We took along two of our Instagrammers, Martin & Viktor, to produce some thumb-stopping content. It was Viktor’s task to create an Instagram Story, and Martin’s to overtake the general feed of Komfo’s account.

Throughout the day, there were numerous key takeaways from the talks. One of our favourites was one of the last of the day, by Rasmus Fisker:

“Marketing is the opposite of rocket science. Simply put, it’s about people”

Rasmus elaborated on how MediaCom goes beyond traditional advertising, and went further in explaining how Nestlé successfully created conversations with parents by using content creatively. Even better, not a single banner ad was used!

“Content is communication users choose to engage with.”

The reoccurring themes were simple. Social media isn’t a full stop, it’s a conversation.

Rasmus used the diagram (above) to define what content is.

Anders Lunde from Pravda spoke about how to create a practical B2B content marketing strategy, explaining that ‘creating content without a strategic direction is a waste of time, money and resources’.

“For me, social media is just a distribution channel, but without content marketing, you don’t do anything.”

Overall, the only thing we regretted was not being able to go to all the talks! But it’s safe to say that the Komfo guys pulled off an incredible event, which left us asking “when’s the next one?!”

Did you take in any pearls of wisdom from Komfo? Or just keep up with the day’s shenanigans on Instagram? Hit us up:

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