My adventure With Gamification

Gamification: Level up by expanding your PLN.

I started studying games and learning not a long while ago, about 3 months now, so you can say I’m an EXperienced “gamified grader” rather than an EXplorer or an EXpert. I learned these terms in a #games4ed chat moderated by Melissa Pilakowski on 7/13/2017. Check it out here!

This post is about Level #1. Following posts will include more steps.

Level #1 — Learn from the best!

The most valuable source to level up is people! Be sure to expand your Professional Learning Network (PLN) by following the right people (not necessarily in order):

Matthew has been extremely helpful. Dedicating his free time to help me learn the basics and more. I’ve contacted him on Twitter chats, and also privately and he has been very patient with me, and so resourceful.

Michael Matera — Explore Like A Pirate

A true educator. I learn a lot about gamification pedagogy from him. He doesn’t just use buzz words like “badges” but gives examples you can use in class tomorrow!

Another dedicated educator in soul. Steve amplifies student voice, and shares his students’ work wherever possible. Bonus: Steve has been very helpful to me with time and efforts.

These are just two. Throughout my learning, Carrie Baughcum, Irvspanish and many more people help me (I only tagged those on Medium, sorry guys!)

Level #2 — Plan Ahead!

Since I only started recently, this is just a slogan for now. I will have more to write once I finish my planning for the upcoming school year.

To Be Continued