My adventures with Minecraft Education Edition

I was introduced to Minecraft Education a year and a half ago. Ever since then, I feel like my whole view on education has improved. My motto has always been:

When I tried playing Minecraft at first, I got stuck in a hole I dug by myself, couldn’t get out, and nearly quit the game for good!

Lucky for me, there’s a whole Personal Development Network of Minecraft Mentors that are always willing to help. Some of them are Steven Isaacs and Mark Grundel. There are of course many more. I’m sorry if I forgot people that are on Medium and didn’t tag you guys…

Using Minecraft in class, my students work in teams to complete a task. For example, our last one was: Build a model of a useful object. Make a short video clip, using Office 365 Mix and explain why you chose the specific materials you used. Working in the same world allows students to “visit” the models of others and comment on their work.

Here are my students from last year explaining their work on Cell City:

Working with Minecraft in class opened up a whole new world of Gamification and Game Based Learning for me, but that’s a topic for another post