My New Professional Learning Family

Sarah Thomas Coined the term PLF Professional Learning Family at one of her #EduMatch streams fro ISTE 2017. I feel this term is right on the spot.

Recently I joined a group called Blogging Buddies run by Katie Siemer. I’m sure that will help in expanding my PLF even more!

I’m fairly new to the TwitterSphere and realized it’s power to help me grow as an educator REALLY late. I’m from Israel and unfortunately Twitter isn’t very popular here. People Don’t know what they’re missing! Since I started joining chats and following people that have important things to say, my PLF has grown so much. I’m in touch with many people that help me in my struggles with flipping my classroom and using Game Based Learning and gamification (shoutout to Melissa Pilakowski) with my students.

I would love to hear your thoughts and tips helping me grow my PLF.