Preparing For My Next Flipped Classroom Journey

This was my first year implementing the Flipped Classroom model. I decided to start writing about it. Thinking no one would read it, I stopped.


Ken Bauer encouraged me to continue, not for other people, but for myself. I know now that he was right. Putting thoughts into writing always helps think clearly.

Careful Planning

I know that my lessons need lots of improvement as I prepare for next year. Thinking carefully about the process of Flipped Learning, and reading many resources, made me realize I need to focus on every element I could think of.

In my opinion, the elements of a great flipped lesson are:

1. Interesting Videos

2. Quizzes

3. Meaningful learning experiences

4. Reflection and assessment

Please share your experience and advice. They will be very helpful to me for improving my lessons.

To be continued….

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