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From a professional perspective, there are many different definitions of professional translators, but the most common way to understand the interpreter is the transmission of information content, semantics of this language into other languages as saying . The language to be translated is called the source language, the language must be translated to the target language and translate the work called interpreter.

dich thuat ha noiphiên dịch hội thảo

Quotations translation

In other words, the interpreter as a bridge to help people who speak different languages can communicate smoothly. If a communication concept was considered successful when the communicating parties must understand the content of communication, feel the views, attitudes and communication to make the behavior, his next move fit … .thi interpreters work not merely interpret or translate, but also to express the nuances of communication objects in the shortest period of time.

Understand the importance of interpreters in this day and age, CNN is focused on providing and developing a professional translation service to customers

Our team of professional interpreters

CNN understands that the translator is a bridge to contribute to the success of any event, activity. Therefore, we focused training of interpreters methodical and professional. Our team of CNN interpreter always been very strict selection. It is the maturation of the language, able to use their native language flexibility. In addition, interpreters should have a good memory, reflexes, flexibility to handle situations and quick judgment.

Type Translator diversity

As a provider of high quality language services in Vietnam, CNN is proud to offer our customers the kind of advanced translator and most prominent today for all 170 languages and 58 areas of expertise such as engineering, finance, banking, healthcare … including:


Translating project

Interpretation Workshop

Translating Fair

Interpretation of the factory — the factory

Interpretation by telephone

Translating trade negotiations

Translating Korean

Translating Korean Version

Interpretation in Hanoi

Simultaneous interpretation — translate cabin …

Company interpreting market in Vietnam

With prestige and continuous efforts, CNN has become providers for interpreter services companies in Vietnam and the important events of the country. Could name a few typical events such as Miss Earth 2010 Interpreter in Vinpearl Land — Nha Trang, translated educational seminars Vietnam — Colombia, conference interpreters CISCO negotiations between Japan and India …

Let CNN translation company is successfully bridged to your business!

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