❤ Advertisement X Media ❤

Through period time Advertise is happening and continue changing over the time pass as well as the advancement of media that influence and shape the way advertise are presented in the world and society . Development of media and advertisement can be seen from these different period of time below

In the past, advertise is a tool to give information to producer to know the description of the product but as the world changing Industry period is created and. introduced to the world , the word advertise is change to be one of the tool that use to catch the customer to buy product and most advertise is spread by media and that. the beginning of how media is shape and influence advertise through period of time for example in the 90's , most of advertise were presented and published into poster or billboard or in newspaper as it is only media that they can use so most of advertise are short but understandable and usually use poet that can catch customers attention easily what is the good from back then advertise is they try to introduce product to customers by producing advertising that tell the good side of the product.

Later media was changed by advancement of technology so Television happen this also shaped how advertise should develop into more detail and story to attract customer that is the reason why the poster of advertisement with poet continue disappear as it not thing people attract anymore television make people want to see something more reality to get closer with their life so at that period of time people tend to less focus on word that attractive and focus more on the story the product present that is attractive and show how good the product is as advertise still focus on showing good thing about product to people but make it more llife to much closer to the daily life of people such as in this advertise in 90s they still tell the good of the product but through the story of housewife and put song and male her sing to create more attractive advertisement

In present, most advertisement tend to follow the same trend that is based on customers targets and customers need so every idea that have been generate it can be called as user based. The more attractive advertise and most answer what customer need will have more chance to success from they business which this method of think it different from the past as in the past producer tend to make their product attractive and outstanding to approach and linked to customer but nowadays producer need to understand the user or customer first to get feedback and create product or advertisement which is reverse from the past but there is the reason for this. Because nowadays we are in period of web 2.0 or it can be said easily that people in society in nowadays can create their own media and also give feedback or immediately respond to almost every media. that why they can choose what they want to know , like and hate and express it to influence other in society so easily and that is one of the reason that product and advertisement producer need to focus on what they will present to public it can be success or it may because me disaster if society don’t like and respond it very aggressively. Lastly your advertisement may be deleted from public and it also effect to your product too such as one of Thai advertisement that the company try to show the advantage of women who have brighter skin will have brighter opportunity to have better thing that will come to her life but the advertise turn out to show more racist in skin color so people in society tend to disagree with this advertisement and try to ban this advertisement even the product or celebrity who play for this advertise were blemish

and also advertisement in today show clearly is that they are not telling

the good of the product anymore but it create story that lastly it will make the viewer understand what advertisement is for what product or company such as in Thai advertisement from one of life insurance company. they are not sell the product directly or tell the good thing of life insurance but they create story represent the feeling of one women who is insurance sale which everyone know that if you heard about insurance sale you will hate or don’t want to listen to their offer as it may to much and sometime it is too much customer force but this insurance use that problem and mindset that customer always have with saleman to create story of one salewomen who try her best to make sure her customer wil receives the best value and advantage from buying her insurance even sometimes she might face failiure from customer that don’t like saleman but with life problems that happen to her that she can’t choose but with this job it may help her to do something that replace what she didn’t have chance to receive for her entire life. After this advertisement is published there are many people put lot of attention to this and it may change or decrease bias that we might have for saleman after we watch this and also linked to company to make more benefit from this advertisement too.

Lastly, because of advancement of media have affect on how advertisement are presented over period of time and it also have both advantage and disadvantages which is producer and customer have responsibility to carefully said or write the thing that not too bias as it is the good starting point for both producer and customer to generate and receive the effective advertisement.

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