Disney X Hyperreality

Disney princess collection

Did you ever dream of being a princess ? — I bet that every girl have to dream like this when they were a little girl and so do I.

Disney princess is like a beautiful and magical imagination for every girl since older generation through now. It can’t be deny that even most of original and classical disney princess animation have been release for ages but up until now the charming of every animation still catch attention from new generation and it can be called as legend that never die.

Personally, I quite a big fan of Walt Disney production especially classical Disney princess animation since when I was a little until now and I still wonder myself why I still addicted to these animation even I’m not a little child anymore

When I was a little girl , I once have a dream to be like disney princess , live in the castle and be happily ever after and I think other girls must ever dream like me as it show many kids how the princess life will be and when I was that age I can’t tell the difference that it’s not reality it just animation and these thinking came back to me when I heard the word “Hyperreality” in class and this is the reason why I want to write about this topic

As I told I still not sure what is the reason that why I still addicted to Disney princess animation even though it’s not the movie that people at my age put much attention anymore but at the moment I still finding answer for this question. I saw one post on facebook that grab my attention and it also make me feel that I’m not old for this animation anymore because people that may be have the same age or older than me still interest in this topic and also it can be linked to the definition of Hyperreality in class too.

This post telling about “What if Disney princesses had realistic waistlines?” after I reading this post I have to said that there are two group of people that can related to this issue.

First, there is one group of people that have feeling after watching these animation and came up with the idea that these animation should take it more seriously to make it become more reality as there are no human in this world will have very little and tiny waist as disney princess in animation but that people might forget that even the animation have created to be very realistic but it just animation and sometime it’s not necessary to be 100% perfectly same as real thing because it not real but people influenced by them and what they want to represent to society. and after that these people become more serious and that why that post is released to society and spread around the world

For example there is the sentence on that post that can represent what I writing about and it said that

“As a woman who loves Disney and has dealt with body image issues, it has been something I’ve always wanted to comment on, particularly after seeing ‘Frozen,’” Brantz told The Huffington Post in an email Thursday. “While I loved the film, I was horrified that the main female character designs haven’t changed since the ’60s. The animation industry is historically male dominated, and I think that contributes to how these designs became so extreme in their proportions — their necks are almost always bigger than their waists! (Cavan Sieczkowski)”

Ariel in Animation waist in the left and Reality waist in the right
Elsa in Animation waist in the left and Reality waist in the right
Belle in Animation waist in the left and Reality waist in the right
Jasmin in Animation waist in the left and Reality waist in the right

What I want to said about this group of people is they influenced by movie to think that this animation is showing the perspective of how real princess should look like and by those thinking it make people trying to change the way animation created to be the picture they want to see that is trying to make them look like real person in the reality and sometime they may forget that it’s just cartoon and it not necessary to make it look like real human.

Evolution of disney princess by Evynne Hollens

Second, Another group that quite interesting for me personally, I believed that this group of people influenced by disney princess animation to believe that these body feature is can be real lastly if they very addicted to it, it will change their mindset and make them trying to copy that animation by not thinking that body feature and picture that they saw in the animation is not real.

For example, when I’m thinking of this issue it remind me of one news that I saw on internet that there are one model from sweden spend almost 120K for plastic surgery to look like disney princess and what made me very surprise is she has had six ribs removed to make her waist as same as disney princess. This can be shown that media ( disney princess animation) can turn people believe and perspective about reality change and they combine thing that media created to reality and lastly they can see the difference between what is real and not real.

10 Amazing People Who Look Like Disney Princesses And Other Fictional Characters

What she mentioned in article is that…..

“I’ve always been inspired by cartoons and Disney movies, all the curves and tiny waists,” she told Barcroft TV. “People often, they come up to me and say, ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon.’ For me that’s a compliment. My inspiration started with Tinkerbell, but with my transformation, I’ve been starting to look like Jessica Rabbit.(Pixee Fox)”

Pixee Fox

To be conclude both point of view on Disney princess animation is just one side from many difference point of view in this world, it also can be tell there are no absolute truth in reality world and difference people can see one thing in this different way and that is why reality and what postmodernism media is created can make people confused what is real or not real lastly it depend on each people to decide and choose that they will believe it or not.