Thai Soap opera (Lakorn) X Postmodernism

It can’t deny that Thai soap opera or lakorn have influence and change by period of time even though right now Thai soap opera still don’t have the best or newer script than the past but what we can see the different between the past Thai soap opera and now is that there are less boundaries and limitation for drama script and expression of the character in the series.

The topic that touch my attention from post modernism class is the change of cultural in each social group or countries and I think it can related to media in Thailand so I would like to compare this topic with the example of Thai soap opera in present which influence by the new trans that can consider that it’s spread of postmodernism which change and shape the way Thai media and series present to society nowadays

Thai soap opera X Fashion !

What can be see clearly from Thai soap opera in nowadays , we can’t deny that Thai society is change by period of time and because of influence and trend from western and other culture that shape the way people in Thai society to think differently. From the past not much people put much attention on fashion or make up trend but now it may because of the influence and culture from both western and other countries that spread and infiltrate to our society cause people to change their mindset about it and lastly it can blend together to create updated version or new version of behavior or mindset as same as in Thai society in the present people put many attention on how they look , what they choose wear to make them more confident and beautiful or even how they can create the look of make up to make them more attractive and we can see that it can even create new job for Thai people such as beauty blogger , fashion guru and many more

and same as in the media as we can see from nowadays Thai soap opera especially on Channel 3 soap opera. It can be seen from their production and work that they put much attention on how those character in the series will look by creating theme of character and put fashion from the trend in that period of time to make people more attract as no one in this generation will deny that the main character of each s soap opera or famous actor / actress can be count as their idol and many people in this generation want to be like their favorite actor or actress not because of their beautiful or handsome faces but their fashion in soap opera can make more people attract to them and their soap opera easier than the past so it make fashion and make up trend can be count as the main key for Thai soap opera which can predicted that this soap opera will successful and famous or not

and because of this new mindset that combine fashion with series can create more and many benefit to both customer and producer and also it create new value for Thai series which more trendy and modern as it can be proved that mixture of Thai style series and Fashion from other culture didn’t make style of making media in Thai society disappear but it is the way to let the people learn to combine think and it more better

Thai soap opera X Blended culture

From the past fews year that I have seen Thai soap opera, What I noticed is that they try to blended new culture or behavior to the soap opera and also they try to improve what society want to see or something that should be more real into the soap opera for example in one series, they try to create new script of movie to be different apart from love stories and in this series it show the social problem that Thai society is trying to solve for a long time but not many people create or thinking of soap opera script like that and it is soap opera that show about family problem and children abuse. Not only this help to promote the social problem and attract more attention from public but it also blended the new culture in making movie or media for solving social problem too. Another point of view that I have seen in many Thai s soap opera in nowadays is they try to influence people in society to accept the reality that our society is not strict as much as the past anymore and it may be influenced from other culture but the media is like the key to bring new culture to public and it can be seen from many love scene in Thai soap opera In the past many people in Thailand may heard many news that our Thai society not agree to have real love scene like kissing on series as it will ruin image of our culture and within that period of time every channel canceled or avoid the real love scene that will happen in the soap opera

Waisabsaraekkad (Thai soap opera that present social problem in Thailand)

as they can not ignore social norm in that period of time but nowadays it is usual thing that people see it not the problem anymore as mostly people opened their heart and mind to something new and it may be the influence from the trend of Korean or Western series that very popular in Thailand in the present and because of those reason it’s transformed and influenced people to believe something different and change the way media present to the society.

Lastly, Thai soap opera is one tool for media to reflected what society really are but because of different people will have different perspective and believe and when they perceive these type of media it may reject or accept it as media can be count as hyper identities in some part as in nowadays some media it was edited and present only thing that they want public to perceive same as culture, it is only the thing that can show our social norm toward different action of human in that society but with different period of time our culture can be change or shift to something else what we can do is to learn to be with the new culture that coming as it is the evidence that can prove that our society may shift to better norm and some can be count as hybrid or bricolage, it not the thing that replace old culture but it is the new thing that is blended to be better.