Hello, Internet!

My friend and I have spent the last year creating this website to help content creators around the world be able to earn money from the content that they are sharing all over the Internet. Whether it is a single post on social media shared amongst friends and family, or a post that reaches the eyes of millions of people through a website such as Reddit, you are generating traffic, revenue, or both, for another website. The current model does not reciprocate the rewards to the group most responsible for their success — the users creating the content. There are a myriad of reasons for this, from not wanting to change what currently works, to simple greed. We believe there is a solution to this that will disrupt the way content creators are rewarded for their work.

We would like to introduce you to Supload, a revenue sharing content creation platform. We have built this as a tool for people around the world to be able to share in the revenue that their content is responsible for creating. The technology side of the platform has existed for years, but the ability to instantly pay people around the world in one simple, global currency has not. We have witnessed Bitcoin blossom over the last seven years from a (now) really expensive pizza purchase, to being discussed by the US Federal Reserve. We will be utilizing Bitcoin as our payment method of sharing the revenue generated from the website. Our goal is to get Bitcoin into the hands of more people around the world from doing things on the Internet that you already do on a daily basis.

Supload is going to begin as a simple image and gif hosting website. Whether you upload a single image with a few views or millions —Supload will credit you 50% of the profit generated from everything you create. As time goes on, we will expand our services to cover lots of different types of media for content creators. 
 We are two guys who have spent most of our adult lives on the Internet creating small personal projects that have short shelf lives. We are not asking for investors or donations months before a project even begins to launch and filling you with blind hope. We want the most important investment to be, simply using the website to share with friends and have fun. We believe this is a unique opportunity to disrupt the status-quo for content creation and expanding the reach of Bitcoin at the same time. This is as equally your project as it is ours. Please offer us suggestions, yell at us when we screw up, and most importantly finally earn money from what is yours. We hope that you will share this ride with us.