Get To Know Sup App Co-Founder Rich Pleeth

Get to know one of the Sup App’s rockstar co-founders, Rich Pleeth:


Rich Pleeth

Job Title?

Sup App Co-Founder

Where are you from?

Nowhere in particular — I grew up in The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Why do you love the Sup app?

I love seeing my friends more and just hanging out with people. Particularly, as I am always on the go, I get to see friends more often which is what I always want to do.

Favorite thing to do with nearby friends?
Get a beer!

Favorite city to travel to?

New York

Favorite way to spend free time?

Apart from working on the Sup app and talking to our users? I love catching up with friends and driving fast boats.

Fun fact about you?

I’ve been to North Korea.

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