Questions and answers about Sup App

Sup appFrequently asked questions

Sup app is a free hyper-local mobile app that makes chance encounters and serendipitous moments with friends happen more often. Use it to get notified when friends are around you. If you’re walking down 5th Avenue or Piccadilly Circus, chances are you’ll miss your best friend, even if they’re only a few metres away. Not with Sup.

Currently on iPhone but don’t worry our android is coming soon — we’re just waiting for the app elves to deliver it.

What the Sup do I do?

Login using Facebook

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the confirmation code you get sent
  • Ready, Sup app, go.

What the Sup is this?

· See which friends are near you on the radar screen

· Tap on a friend’s photo to send them a Sup notification or a voice sup.

· To send a voice sup. tap ‘Record a Sup,’ hold down the mic in the middle of the screen and record a five second voice message to send straight out

· Block someone annoying by tapping ‘Block’

The Sup menu

· On the radar screen use your finger to change your perimeter from 20m up to 2000m

· To get into the menu just click on the top left circle with three lines and see the drop down

· In the menu:

  • ‘Go dark’ so no one can see you
  • Choose to ‘Show friends only’ to see only your friends
  • Select ‘Show everyone’ to see if there’s anyone new around you
  • Tap ‘Friends’ to see which of your friends are on sup. or invite friends from your contacts
  • Turn ‘Auto sup.’ on or off to get notifications when a friend comes into your area
  • Set your perimeter to determine when to get auto sups.
  • Share the sup app with your friends (and the world)
  • That’s pretty much it. It’s all about the sup.

Adding friends

Adding a friend is easy. Just open ‘Find My Friends’ and tap ‘Add’. Then enter your friend’s email address and tap ‘Done’ to send them a request. Your friend needs a device using iOS and have Sup installed. After your friend agrees to share their location you’ll be all set to Sup.

How often does my device transmit my location with Sup?

Your location is sent from your device on a constant basis providing you have the app running in the background.

Can other people see my exact location on a map or track me?

Nope, no way, never. We don’t have a map so there’s no stalking here. The radar shows how far friends are from you, based on the proximity you set. No one can see exactly where anyone else is. Ever. Not even the direction you are, it’s just the distance you are away.

Is there a way to hide from other users?

Sure. Just go into the menu and ‘Go dark’. When you want to be available again, just tap ‘Lighten up’. If you want to block someone from seeing you or from being able to Sup you, just tap on their photo and ‘Block’. You can easily un-block them again so they’re not gone forever.

My location is inaccurate.

Because we’re all worried about battery, location doesn’t always update instantly. So just wait a second or two and everything will be dandy.

Is Sup a battery killer?

We hate that, so we’ve made that one of our top priorities, we’ve tested it on all types from the iPhone 4, what!? Yes some people have it. Everyone we’ve tested it with seem battery happy but let us know if you have any issues. We really hate this. So we’ll be all over it.

I have a good Sup app story.

Tell us. Maybe we’ll feature you on the site.

Then just Sup app. Sup app go!