#SipWithSup: Joe Coffee

On Mondays, the Sup app invites you to take a coffee break and #SipWithSup. We love meeting up with nearby friends, and after a busy weekend, it’s nice to take a coffee break.

This week, we’re recommending Joe Coffee in NYC. Meet your friends in one of their 10 locations, spanning New York (and Philly!). Joe offers a variety of single-origin and blended roasts, purchased through a respectable buying policy of quality and sustainability. This guilt-free cup of joe (pun intended!) is the perfect excuse to step out and take a breather.

The Sup app helps you see which friends are nearby, so you always know who’s around to join your mid-Monday coffee break. Download the app today!

What’s your favorite place to grab coffee in NYC? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using the hashtag #SipWithSup!

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