Tuesday Travel Tip: Citymapper

Happy Tuesday!

This week’s Travel Tip is an app: Citymapper. Donned ‘The Ultimate Transport App,’ Citymapper helps you navigate the most complicated routes so you never get lost again. The concept is simple: just type in your current location and your destination; Citymapper will calculate multiple routes for you to choose from, taking distance, traffic, and public transport delays into account. It’s available in multiple international cities including the US and Canada, the UK, Europe, and Asia. If you’re a tourist, this app makes you seem like a local; it’s a major lifesaver.

And if you travel for work, or if you just love to explore, the Sup app is a great tool to keep you connected. Use Sup to see which friends are nearby, no matter where you are in the world. Don’t miss an opportunity to meet up with friends — you’d be surprised to see who’s nearby!

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