FIFA 17 Happy Hour F&Q

FIFA 17 Happy Hour times for FUT will be updated in real-time right here! EA will release many new promo pack offers into the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team store via the Web App, Companion App and your console at different times. It’s important to stay up-to-date on these offers as they massively influence player prices on the FUT transfer market. Be careful of your fifa 17 account especially when you buy fifa 17 coins at some unreliable website, while is a reliable online shop that can make sure the game’s security

What is a FIFA 17 Happy Hour?

A Happy Hour, now more commonly known as ‘Pack Offer’ or ‘Lightning Round’, is when EA release special promotional packs into the FUT store. These special promotional packs are available for a limited time and will vary in terms of pack type, duration and limits.

What is a FIFA 17 Lightning Round?

Lightning Rounds are now a lot more common in FUT. They are pack offers that are released worldwide in limited quantities, first come, first served. They usually last 1 hour or until the packs run out, whichever is sooner.

Which players are available during FIFA 17 Happy Hours?

This varies at different times, we’ll always announce which informs or new players are available with each pack offer. The informs and new players that you’ll see through the year will include; FUT Legends, Record Breakers, TOTY, Transfers & Upgrades, Position Changes, MOTM, TOTS, TOTW, Heroes, iMOTM, TOTT and FUTTIES, with several more yet to be confirmed.

When are Happy Hours released in FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 Happy Hour times will be confirmed above, but there are times of the year that you’ll see a lot more special promotional pack offers. These include; FUT United, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, FUTmas, Lunar New Year, St. Patrick’s Day, FUT Birthday, FIFA Community Week, Festival of FUTball and will also coincide with new player releases as shown in the previous question.

What are all the different pack types in FIFA 17?

You can find a list of all the FIFA 17 Packs in our updated guide.

Will the FIFA 17 packs be available on mobile?

If released, FIFA 17 mobile will be a completely separate system but will include it’s own pack types (not announced here). Currently, EA release promotional packs that are available worldwide and for Xbox, Playstation and PC. These packs are mirrored on the FUT 17 Web App and Companion App.

Can I open packs on the Companion app?

Yes! You cannot purchase FIFA points on the FIFA 17 Companion App, but you can redeem points or coins for packs in the store.

Can I open packs on the FIFA 17 Web App?

Yes! The web app and companion app will mirror exactly what’s happening in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team store from your console. Again, you cannot purchase FIFA points on the web app, but you can redeem your coins and points for packs.